3rd March 2015

Fitness | Week 2 – Charlotte Crosby’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz

So I’m on to the second week of Charlotte Crosby’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz, click here to read my first post. Last week was tough, thanks to Sunday’s visit to Ryze, Edinburgh’s first ultimate trampoline park. It was so much fun but it was pretty much 1 full hour of intense cardio! Come Monday my legs and thighs were in agony and on Tuesday they had completely seized up, so I had to wait until Wednesday to get my first full workout in.

As I’ve mentioned before what’s amazing about this workout is that it consists of 12 rounds that last 3 minutes and alternate between high intensity cardio and resistance moves. Each round is completely different which is great for people who get easily bored like me. Motivation was definitely harder to find in week 2. Things about the DVD started to annoy me especially the music (I may make my own playlist next week to go along side it), weight-loss expert David Soute’s unnecessary repetitive comments “I love this workout!” and the fact they’re are doing the whole workout in WEIGHTED gloves – show offs!!! Grrrr. I’ve read that others have been getting annoyed by the gaps between routines, but personally, I love these as it gives me a chance to catch my breath! As you can tell I wasn’t as enthusiastic as I was in week 1, but I am starting to see results!

So I’ve been looking for ways to keep motivated and found a few good ones online; find an unflattering photo of yourself to tape around the house (that won’t be difficult to find), tracking your progress on a calender/blog/diary (check!), sweet jars were you collect the money that you would have spent on sweets and other unhealthy goodies in a jar and reward yourself at the end of the month and investing in some new sports wear (I am currently working out in my PJ’s and converse!).


Biggest temptation resisted – Pick ‘n’ Mix at the cinema

Hardest move of the week – Sumo Squats from Round 2 (Ouch!)

Full Workouts – Only 2

Number of Rounds – 30

Extra Abs – 4

Last week I had a lot of comments from other ladies that were giving the workout a go, I’d love to hear how you’re getting on! Leave me a comment below and don’t forget to follow The Beautiful Bluebird on Bloglovin.

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