9th March 2015

Beauty | Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Shampoo & Conditioner

Some of my followers on Twitter & Instagram might already know that last weekend I spent 3 hours in Broughton Place Hair & Beauty Salon in Edinburgh for a complete style over haul. I was greeted with a glass wine which is always a guaranteed way to get in my good books, and pampered by their lovely, friendly staff all afternoon. The most drastic change is the new fringe. It’s a look that’s definitely still growing on me (no pun intended). I love the colour it’s more vibrant and glossy than ever before and I even had a ‘Hollywood Curl’ treatment to finish off my look. 

Unfortunately it’s always the same, as soon as I washed out all those lovely professional hair products a few days later my beautifully bouncy curls and fringe looked limp and flat. I needed volume and I needed it fast, how relieved I was when I received Phil Smith’s Be Gorgeous ‘Big It Up!’ Volume Boosting Shampoo & Conditioner. Phil Smith is an award winning celebrity hairstylist with over 20 years industry experience. He created the Be Gorgeous collection with one main aim, to create “luxury products at an affordable price”. His collection also features a variety of products for all you hair styling needs such as the; Bombshell Blonde, Wow! Brunette, SOS Rescue and the Glam Shine range. So far no redhead collection though – boo! So did the ‘Big It Up!’ shampoo and conditioner deliver on it’s professional results promise?

Beauty | Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Shampoo & ConditionerBeauty | Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Shampoo & Conditioner

So first impressions, the two products share the same fresh, unisex scent and consist of a clear lightweight formula that I was delighted to find out is completely cruelty-free. During washing I found little lather was created as I massaged the products into my hair, however both washed out easily leaving no nasty residue or build-up which I often find happens with ‘volumising’ products. Once blow dried my hair felt and looked naturally glossy and bouncy. My once limp fringe came springing back to life and my hair felt so much lighter. The shampoo/conditioner combo can also followed by the ‘Big It Up!’ Thickening Volume Cream and Volume Boosting Mousse to add even more natural fullness to your locks for the ultimate volume fix!

The ‘Big It Up!’ shampoo (350ml) and conditioner (250ml) retail at £3.50 each and are sold exclusively at Sainsbury’s. 

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