Beauty | Lush Oatifix Fresh Face Mask

Today I’ll be looking at the Oatifix Fresh Face Mask from Lush (£6.50/75g). I’ve already tried Love Lettuce, a balancing and calming clay based mask with French lavender and almond oil, and Cupcake, a rich chocolaty mud mask that draws out dirt and impurities – and so far I’ve been very impressed with both. I’ve put last week’s Easter inspired Hoppity Poppity let down behind me and I’m ready to fall in love with Lush all over again…

First of all Oatifix smells good enough to eat, literally. Packed full of fine oatmeal, sandlewood oil, fresh organic fair trade bananas and vanilla, it reminds me of a delicious breakfast smoothie. The texture of the mask can make it a bit tricky to apply as the oats tend to drop off but the illipe butter and banana help to stick the thick consistency together. Oatmeal, ground almonds and kaolin gently exfoliate as they are massaged into the skin. I tend to apply quite a generous layer of the mask and leave for around 10-15 minutes.

I couldn’t believe how nourished and hydrated my skin was left feeling once I took it off. To be honest I really wasn’t expecting wet oatmeal to significantly exfoliate my skin but my face was left feeling so incredibly soft and smooth after only my first use that I’ve instantly fell in love with little black tub! Seriously, how have I lived without this product for so long?  I love how natural and wholesome this mask is, perhaps this why I underestimated it? It proves that you don’t need harsh sand-like granules in order to remove dead skin cells and have baby soft skin. 

It’s recommended that you keep Oatifix in the fridge and use it by the sell-by-date to ensure it’s used when it’s at the best possible quality. As with all Lush products this mask is totally 100% cruelty free and contains ethically sourced ingredients. This is the perfect product for those with sensitive skin as it’s so gentle but still incredibly effective. The mask moisturises, exfoliates and soothes tired skin leaving it with a long lasting fresh, healthy glow all day long – all this from just one tiny tub! This has even overtook my treasured Butterball and Candyfloss lip scrub as one of my favourite ever Lush products. Think I’m over selling it? Don’t worry I promise you I’m not!

Have you tried Oatifix or any other of the Lush fresh face masks? 

What are your thoughts?