The ‘Make Me Beautiful’ Collection by Next

One afternoon, after browsing the homeware collection I found myself in the accessories department and came across the Make Me Beautiful range by Next. First of all, I never even knew Next had their own beauty line so I was excited try out all their testers and discover what they had on offer. I have to admit the name of the collection doesn’t sit well with me, I mean, “Make Me Beautiful”. What’s the message? You need this makeup in order to become beautiful? Perhaps it’s just me being over sensitive but I find that a little cringeworthy.

The Make Me Beautiful Collection by Next

So this isn’t a budget range, for example, the lipsticks are priced at £8 each, eyeshadow quads start at £7.50 and a primer and illuminator duo retails for £20. First impressions? The outer packaging is simple but chic, there’s definitely a sense of unity across the collection and the shades available all looked very well selected, very flattering and wearable.

The Make Me Beautiful Collection by Next

The display itself was presented like a premium, high-end counter you’d find in a department store. I loved the collection of literature available with ideas for different looks (soft & beautiful, glamorous & sexy and confident & strong) and products that complement one another.

After much deliberation, I bought the Make Me Beautiful Sheer Chubby Stick in Soft Rose for £8. As impressed as I was with the outer packaging, I was disappointed with the style of the product inside. The white plastic tube with a sticker wrapped round makes the product look cheap and gives the impression that not much effort to the design of the internal product was made. When compared to similar items I’ve purchased from Bourjois Paris, such as the Bourjois Color Boost Crayon, this looks a little lazy.

I love the shade I chose (soft rose), it’s richly pigmented with a high gloss finish. The formula itself is very soft so glides onto lips easily, and the enriched blend of natural plant waxes and oils keep lips hydrated. The colour tends to sit in the creases of my lips so I recommend a good lip scrub, perhaps the Etre Belle Liplift Peel Exfoliator or Lush Bubblegum Scrub, before applying. The chubby stick is also not incredibly long lasting, as I found myself retouching my lips often throughout the day, especially after drinking.

Considering I paid £8 for this chubby stick I am a little disappointed. My first impressions were very positive; the display/counter, the selection of products, the shades available, the literature to accompany the collection and the chic packaging – all these elements initially got me really excited. However, the longevity, inner product packaging and the way the formula highlighted the flaws on my lips left me disappointed. A few years ago £8 may have seemed quite reasonable for a lipstick and I guess it still is today, just look at the success of MAC! However, this is a long established brand with products of exceptional quality with celebrity ambassadors and strong ties with the world of makeup artistry. Yes, Next is also an established and respected brand, but the Make Me Beautiful brand isn’t. I feel their price tag is just way too ambitious considering the quality. With budget beauty brands such as Makeup Revolution, MUA and Essence producing high-quality products from just a £1, I feel the Make Me Beautiful range has a lot of catching up to do.

Have you tried the ‘Make Me Beautiful’ collection by Next?

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