24th October 2015

Natural Beauty Week | Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Bee Polish

There seems to be a bit of a ‘bee theme’ this week. Who knew our fuzzy friends were so active in the beauty industry? Day six of Natural Beauty Week brings you the celebrity favourite, Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Bee Polish* (£37/30ml). The Heaven collection features an all-natural organic range of skin and body treatments that infuse the natural power of nature and the latest breakthrough in beauty technology.

Natural Beauty Week | Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Bee Polish

I’ve never used anything quite like this before. To be completely honest I wasn’t 100% sure what it was. The smooth clear liquid is too runny to be considered a gel but thicker than a water. The Bee polish is in fact a non-abrasive exfoliator which contains organic raw cane sugar, glycolic acid and a patented ‘secret youth giver’ ABEETOXIN (a blend of bee venom and botulism spores naturally found in the hive).

Natural Beauty Week | Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Bee Polish

It’s suggested that the bee polish be applied after cleansing to dry skin and then wash off with warm water and as skin gets used to the polish a longer duration use is required. The product is suitable for sensitive skin and can be used 1-6 days per week. The polish claims to tackle a number of skin concerns including: dissolving fine lines, reducing the signs of aging, boosting the immunity of your skin, extracting toxins without harming then outer layer of your skin and lightening pigmentation.

Unfortunately, I’ve been using the bee polish for three weeks now and have seem little difference in the appearance of my skin, certainly not enough to justify it’s price tag. I am determined to stick with it though as I’ve read a number of reviews singing it’s praises. It does leave my skin slightly softer and smoother after application thanks to the liquid sugar which eats at the skin to remove dead skin cells. I also agree how non-abrasive this treatment is too, as it felt incredibly gentle and comfortable on my skin.

The Heaven Skincare Bee Polish is availble here for £37/30ml or £10/10ml treatment sizes.

Have you tried anything from the Heaven Skincare range?

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