15th March 2016

Pregnancy & Parenting | 10 Helpful Websites, Books & Blogs

While I tend to stay away from pregnancy chat rooms and forums as I feel the advice posted there can be really subjective and at times, completely incorrect and panic-inducing, there are a number of books, blogs and websites I have returned to throughout my pregnancy for advice, tips and reassurance.

Pregnancy & Parenting | 10 Helpful Websites, Books & Blogs

Websites –
Bounty – For advice, freebies & offers.
NHS – A reliable week-by-week pregnancy and baby guide from medical professionals.

Mother & Baby – The UK’s no. 1 pregnancy & baby magazine. I find their shopping & awards sections really helpful when looking for high-quality products that have been tried, tested & reviewed.
Mama & Papas – Their downloadable checklist is great for making sure you buy everything you need before baby arrives.

2016 Baby Names by Ella Joynes & Mark Woods – Full of original ideas and plenty of inspiration.
Guess How I much I Love You Baby Record Book – An adorable way to ensure you keep all your pregnancy memories in one place.
Commando Dad: Basic Training: How to be an Elite Dad or Carer by Neil Sinclair – Practical advice for dads.

kkochsongi – Honest discussions about topics like sex & alienation throughout pregnancy.

Tattooed Tealady – A ffrst-time mamma’s experiences, thoughts and journey.
Lucie & the Bump – A lovely blog I have newly discovered by a first time mum documenting what it’s like to be a mummy to a deaf child. I have quickly fallen in love with Lucie, Scott & Harry’s heartwarming story.


Do you know of any other blogs, books and websites I should be reading?

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