12th March 2016

Love Boo Magic Balm & Miracle Oil

As beautiful as the journey is, pregnancy can bring so many aches and pains along with it. Recently I jumped at the chance of a little pampering thanks to Love Boo and Naturisimo. Love Boo are the creators of an award-winning collection of natural skin care products designed for mums, mums-to-be and babies. The Love Boo collection is now available at my favourite natural and organic online beauty retailer – Naturisimo, and I was very kindly sent the Super Stretchy Miracle Oil* (£15.99/100ml) and Magic Balm* (£12.99/30ml) to treat my poor stressed-out skin with.

Pregnancy | Love Boo Magic Balm & Miracle Oil

Love Boo are a UK based company who were founded in 2008 by two mums who were growing increasingly concerned about the effects harsh chemicals and synthetics were having to their baby’s sensitive skin. As a result, Jenn and Corinna, along with an experienced chemist, developed a line of products completely free from parabens, sulphates and synthetic colours. Love Boo are extremely passionate about ‘purely natural pampering’ and as a result their collection contains only the highest-grade natural ingredients specifically chosen to nurture and protect delicate skin. Their packaging is also recyclable and their products are never tested on animals.

Pregnancy | Love Boo Magic Balm & Miracle Oil Review

The Super Stretchy Miracle Oil contains omega rich Argan, Almond, Passionflower and Mandarin oils to improve the elasticity of the skin. The oil is naturally scented with a beautiful blend of ginger, peppermint and lemon. I try to use this oil twice daily, straight after I step out of the shower or bath when my skin is still damp. Most of the time I tend to concentrate on my boobs, tummy, thighs and hips; however, as it smells so divine, recently I’ve just been smothering it all over.

At six months pregnant this Sunday I am happy to report I have only very faint stretch marks on the tops of my hips so far, even though I’ve gone up quite a few dress and cup sizes. This oil keeps my skin silky soft whilst tackling that tight, uncomfortable feeling I often have when my skin stretches, especially around my stomach area. There’s something rather indulgent about using body oils, I just feel they are more concentrated and effective than lotions and creams are. The oil isn’t greasy and doesn’t leave any residue on the surface of the skin. It can also be used on your pulse points to help combat morning sickness and nausea thanks to it’s ginger and lemon scent.

Pregnancy | Love Boo Magic Balm & Miracle Oil

The Love Boo Magic Balm gives me instant relief to sore and dry patches of skin, especially on my boobs. The balm is extremely versatile, much like my NYR Wild Rose balm. It can be used on cuticles, lips, elbows, hands, knees and on the baby’s skin too. It is also claimed to be an absolute God send to sore breastfeeding nipples. The rich balm contains Meadowfoam, Gold of Pleasure, Rosehip and Evening-Primrose oils, natural plant extracts rich in fatty acids and moisturising avocado.


Pregnancy | Love Boo Magic Balm & Miracle Oil Review

If your are looking for a gift for a new mum or mummy-to-be Love Boo is a great place to start. Their award winning products are also available in beautifully packaged gift sets for both mum and baby. These two products are perfect for pampering stressed out skin and for parents worried about the effects of synthetic chemicals to both mum and baby’s delicate skin.

Both the Super Stretchy Miracle Oil and Magic Balm are available at Naturisimo.com with free worldwide delivery.

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