20th May 2016

Eco Care Organic Facial Wipes Review

Face wipes have become a bit of a taboo skincare product in the beauty world recently. I know that some bloggers avoid them like the plague but they have many pros as well as cons. I always have a pack handy as they are perfect for cleaning up mascara smudges, tidying-up bleeding lipstick lines, correcting makeup mishaps, for a quick refreshment whilst travelling or at a festival or, dare I say it, for when I’m too exhausted to carry out my full 24 step cleansing routine last thing at night or first thing in the morning. Once the baby arrives and I’ve been subjected to many a sleepless night I’ll probably forget what my name is nevermind to sort out my panda eyes. Let’s face it, wipes are just more convenient and while they are not my first port-of-call when it comes to removing my makeup they are the perfect no-fuss alternative.

Beauty | Eco Care Organic Facial Wipes - Rose & Chamomile

But what makes the Eco Care Organic Facial Wipes* different from the hundred others on the market? Since 2011 Eco Care have used the finest Certified Organic Cotton which is naturally grown, sustainable, biodegradable and supports communities. These 100% organic and cruelty-free cotton wipes are available in two different natural scents: Apple & Honey and Rose & Chamomile. Each pack includes 25 environmentally friendly facial wipes which are free from alcohol, chlorine and parabens with no artificial colours or fragrances used. 

Eco Care’s Rose & Chamomile version are recommended for dry and mature skin types. They contain rose essential oils to cleanse and balance the skin, chamomile to soothe and hydrate and green tea antioxidants and aloe vera. The wipes are noticeably thicker and wetter than normal high street brands. The organic cotton gives a softer and gentler cleanse than other face wipes and only one is needed to remove a full face of makeup.

Beauty | Eco Care Organic Facial Wipes - Rose & Chamomile

Each pack of Apple & Honey wipes contains four squeezed apples and nutrient rich organic honey. They refresh and cleanse the skin of any oily build-up, whilst lifting impurities and are even capable of removing every last trace of my Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Waterproof Mascara. These wipes are recommended for oily, combination, normal, young and sensitive skin. 

Beauty | Eco Care Organic Facial Wipes - Apple & Honey

These Eco Care Organic Facial Wipes offer a unique eco-friendly alternative to mainstream alternatives. I was very impressed by the philosophy behind this brand and the effectiveness of the wipes, however, I feel that they are let down by their scent. I find both natural fragrances very off putting, but this doesn’t linger on my skin so it won’t affect me purchasing them in the future.

The Eco Care Organic Facial Wipes retail at £4.90 and are available to purchase here.

*This post contains a PR Sample or gifted item – all opinions and views are 100% honest & all my own.

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