4th May 2016

Pregnancy | How to Plan a Perfect Surprise Baby Shower

On Saturday Ross and I popped out to see Captain America (which was amazing and I highly recommend) and on my return I found a drive full of cars and my windows decorated with pink bunting and banners – my mum had planned a surprise baby shower! As I entered my living room, with a bright red face I may add, I was delighted to be greeted by my closest friends and family, and one stressed-out boyfriend lurking in the background, who had clearly been dragged along and couldn’t wait to escape to the pub with Ross. The whole day went so quickly and I was completely overwhelmed that I’m afraid I didn’t take many photos, but here’s a little recap on all the little details and finishing touches that made my day extra special…

Pregnancy | How to Plan a Perfect Surprise Baby Shower

The Food

The nibbles (I say nibbles but there was enough food to feed the five thousand) consisted mostly of home baking made by my guests including Vietnamese swirls, scones, strawberry tarts and truffles. The dainty delicacies were presented on beautiful vintage cake stands, china and in wicker baskets with tiny pink crackers and napkins interspersed among the delicious display.

Pregnancy | How to Plan a Perfect Surprise Baby Shower

We had mammoth platters of sandwiches, sausage rolls, salads and quiches in the kitchen and a chocolate fountain surrounded by bowls of fruit and marshmallows. We also had a huge pitcher of Sex on the Beach and adorable glass bottles of Shloer decorated with striped paper straws, brown luggage tags with ‘drink me’ written on them and tiny pink rattles. We also had crisps, popcorn, dips, a delicious Victoria sponge and novelty cupcakes from the This Little Cupcake bakery in Dundee.

Pregnancy | How to Plan a Perfect Surprise Baby Shower

The Decor

My mum decorated my living room with hot pink tissue paper wheels and rattle bunting that hung from the ceiling, she bought flowers, balloons and a pram pinata that hung in the middle of the room.

Pregnancy | How to Plan a Perfect Surprise Baby Shower

The Entertainment

I was presented with a pink ‘Mum to Be’ sash and badge, and between eating, drinking and present opening we played games such as Baby Bingo and Who knows Mommy Best available from the UK Baby Shower Co. Whilst playing games we held babies encased in ice cubes. The winner was the one whose ice cube melted first and shouted “My waters have broken!”. We had a baby food tasting competition (some of which was seriously rank) and took turns pummeling the pram pinata. I nearly knocked out a few guests when a huge double lolly launched itself across the living room! My mum even made up cute little favours consisting of makeup, candles and sweeties wrapped in cellophane bags decorated with hot pink ribbon and personalised stickers which read ‘Roxie’s Baby Shower – 30th Apil 2016’ for the winners, along with certificates. A baby themed playlist played in the background and I gave my guests a tour of her newly decorated nursery.

Pregnancy | How to Plan a Perfect Surprise Baby Shower

The Finishing Touches

My mum asked my friends to write messages inside a keepsake book which she decorated with a stork pendant she found at a charity shop. She asked my close friends and family to write me beautiful letters wishing me luck, which I’ll cherish forever.

Pregnancy | How to Plan a Perfect Surprise Baby Shower

The Presents
My little girl was so lucky to receive some lovely outfits, toiletries and toys throughout the day. Her collection of clothes seemed to be very much animal themed with rabbits, bumble bees, ladybirds, teddy bears and even a hippo making an appearance. I was treated to a voucher for a spa treatment and a beautiful keepsake box.

Pregnancy | How to Plan a Perfect Surprise Baby Shower

I had a wonderful day and was utterly spoiled and pampered throughout. Even though I didn’t get the chance to take many photos I’ll always treasure the memory of my friends and family coming together to plan such a lovely event for baby and me. I want to give my mum a special mention for all her hard work, planning and attention to detail that made this best baby shower ever! My daughter is so lucky to have a granny as thoughtful, kind and as beautiful as you.

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