Pregnancy | Hospital Bag Checklist

I’m officially one day over my due date and as a first-time mum, I found it a little confusing deciding on what to include in my hospital bag. After a little research, blethering with other mums, taking part in twitter discussions and attending a few antenatal classes, I think I’ve now packed everything I’ll need… hopefully. If you notice anything that I’ve missed or you think might come in handy I’d really appreciate it if you could leave a comment below. Who knows, once she’s here I may have to totally overhaul this post, but for now let’s take a look inside my baby bag…

Pregnancy | Hospital Bag Checklist

I decided to go for a spacious shopping holdall from Primark, we could have just used the rucksack that lives in the attic, but for some reason I wanted everything to be new. Strange details like this just help me feel less anxious if that makes sense? Basically, everything can be broken down into two categories; for mum and for baby, although dad is planning to bring his kindle, snacks, headphones and a phone charger too.

For Mum

Let’s start with the most important: my maternity notes & birth plan

Buttoned night shirt/dressing gown/slippers

Chewy sweets & sports drink (Lucozade & Starbursts)

Breast pads & maternity pads

Loose fitting going home clothes & underwear

Pants with a high panty line (in case of a cesarian)

Toiletries – hair bobbles, nipple cream, brush, lip balm, face mist (Jurlique Balancing Rose Water), face cloth, face wipes, moisturiser, tea tree or lavender oil (recommended by my midwife), deodorant & toothbrush/toothpaste

Notebook & Pen

For Baby

Soft cotton hat and scratch mittens, 2x sleepsuits, cellular blanket, nappies, cotton wool, bibs and muslin squares.

Pregnancy | Hospital Bag Checklist

And yes, the car seat is also all fitted and ready to go. Have I forgotten anything/overpacked? I feel like my bag is beginning to turn into a hospital suitcase. Fingers crossed our baby girl makes an appearance soon.

After reading my post, a few lovely ladies on Twitter (Including @MakeErinOver) have come up with even more suggestions which I will add here.

Carrier bags for gifts
An emergency dummy
Always Night Liners
Diluting juice

Keep those suggestions coming!