4th October 2016

Buttonbag Baby Craft Kits | Make Your Own Keepsakes

There are so many adorable little things about Penelope. I know I’m completely biased, but you must be made of stone not to ‘aw’ and oo’ as her tiny feet and pink toes. She’s already 3 months young. She’s already grown out of her Moses basket and so many pink vests and sleepsuits. It will be different when she’s older, I’m sure I won’t go on and on about time going so quickly, it’s just that she literally changes and learning new things every day. She looks like a completely different baby if you look back at photos I took just two weeks ago! This is why I was so thrilled when I was very kindly sent the Baby Hand Print Craft Kit from Buttonbag*.

Buttonbag Baby Craft Kits | Make Your Own Keepsakes

Buttonbag is a company on a mission to bring back ‘old crafts’ by updating them and making them fun for all the family. Our generation seems to have lost the art of sewing, crochet and cross stitching. Buttonbag Craft Kits are designed to bring the whole family together. Each kit contains everything you need to make a beautiful keepsake and would make a lovely Christmas, baby shower or first birthday present. There are starter kits to introduce a new skill and also mini kits from only £4! The Baby Kits are beautifully packaged and feature lots of different crafting techniques. You can create baby bunting, a blanket, hat or booties & mittens using the kits. I don’t need to tell you that making something yourself makes it that extra little bit more special. So what can you expect to find inside? Let’s take a look at the Baby Hand Print Kit…

Buttonbag Baby Craft Kits | Make Your Own Keepsakes

The cute ribbon-tied suitcase contains enough air-drying clay to make at least two prints, a chiffon bag, hanging ribbon, full instructions, a gift tag and extra ribbon. Simply divide the clay into chunks (I divided it into 3; one for us and the two sets of grandparents), knead for around 5 minutes, roll flat and gently press the baby’s toes into the clay. The clay is so strange, it’s like foamy blue tac, it’s really bizarre but very easy to mold into different shapes. I used a cookie cutter to get a perfectly round shape. Once I was happy with the imprint I popped a hole in the top to thread the ribbon and left it on top of a cupboard for a few days. The clay (made from completely safe, non-toxic PVA) still stays squidgy for up to a week after, which is great if you have a wriggly baby who’s just not into it right now. Simply cover it with cling film and start again once they’ve finished screaming their head off. Below is our adorable keepsake…

Buttonbag Baby Craft Kits | Make Your Own Keepsakes

I think we did okay for a first attempt. I definitely recommend having a helping hand to get the baby’s tiny foot into position! I love the fact that the clay doesn’t dry immediately, so you’re not having to frantically rush about whilst trying to settle a baby. You can actually take your time with a cuppa and enjoy yourself. There would be nothing worse than staring at your beautiful keepsake in years to come and being reminded about the absolute nightmare it was to create. The set and also the finished keepsakes make great Christmas gifts!

This Buttonbag Baby Hand Print Craft Kit retails for £20 and is available here.

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