Let’s Do This | 2017 Blog Goals

Although I really don’t believe in the whole ‘new year, new me’ way of thinking, I do feel that January is the perfect opportunity to stop for a minute, catch my breath and take stock on what’s been going on in my life recently. What’s been making me happy? Disappointed? Worried? And how can I use this to make changes and motivate me further, rather than let it fuel my anxiety. Most importantly, I use this time of year to reflect on how lucky I am and indulge in a little ‘self-care’.

Let's Do This | 2017 Blog Goals

Every year I make life goals/resolutions and they last for very little over a month. There is the usual ‘Get in shape & Lose Weight’ goal that let’s face it, with a massive pile of selection boxes and Lindor truffles leftover from Christmas sitting in the kitchen waiting for me, that dreaded Davina DVD usually stays in the cellophane until at least February. ‘Drink More Water’ and ‘Say Yes More’, two more cliches that you can always find on my list along with ‘Save More Money’ and ‘Travel More’. I’m sure having a baby will make those two extra achievable this year!? Anyway, today I thought I’d focus on my blog goals and what I’d love The Beautiful Bluebird to achieve in 2017…


For months now I’ve been toying with the idea of expanding the range of lifestyle topics I cover. I’d want to write about other aspects of my life such as weight loss, mental health, gaming, book reviews, film & television, comic books and other topics that I’ve been too apprehensive to tackle in 2016. 


I seriously need to up my photography game. I say this every year but I feel like this is a huge area of blogging I’ve yet to really develop in. I aim to do more research into techniques I could use and adapt in order to improve, as well as start to collect ideas and inspirational photographs and content in a scrapbook or journal. I’m also hoping to invest in some new equipment so any recommendations or help in this area would be very much appreciated! Do you have any posts related to this? Please share them below.


In terms of followers, I’d love to hit the following targets; 7K on Twitter, 4K on Instagram and 2K on Bloglovin. My aim is to get a lot more involved in Twitter chats and become a more actively involved member of the blogging community. 

Scheduling & Promoting
Over the last few months, scheduling and promotion have gone out the window. My goal this year is to simply take 10 minutes every night to schedule at least 10 promotional tweets per day using Tweetdeck, purchase an affordable advertising package each month from influential bloggers and schedule posts at least a week in advance to prevent the night-before-fear. 

I don’t know what it is about new stationery, but give me a few new pens and some pretty paper, and suddenly, I’m motivated to plan, write and create, especially when I’m in a bit of a blogging rut. I’ve recently purchased a beautiful blog planner from dotcreates.com which will hopefully help to keep track of blog promotion across each of my social channels as well as twitter chats, page views, deadlines, stats and the overall growth of my blog.

Do you have any life or blogging goals for 2017?

Do you think mine are achievable?

What do you think about setting goals in the first place? Motivating or unnecessary?

I’d love to know your thoughts.