Feeling Down? | 30 Feel Good Films

I know a lot of people complain about the January Blues, but it’s February I have a hard time muddling my way through. Christmas feels like a distant memory, my birthday is over and the countdown until I return to work has officially begun. To say I’m distraught at the prospect of my maternity leave ending is an understatement. Even just thinking about it makes my chest start to tighten and my eyes fill, plus my sleep patterns and moods are becoming more and more erratic as it draws closer. If there was ever a time for some self-care and to embrace all things hygge, it’s definitely now.

Feeling Down? | 30 Feel Good Films

When I’m feeling down or anxious I try to lose myself in either a book or film. I transport myself to a place where my problems don’t exist. I very rarely read or watch anything new at times like these. I curl up in bed with my laptop, wrap myself in a soft blanket, devour something chocolatey, light a few candles (my Yankee Candle in Salted Caramel being my current favourite) and find solace in a familiar storyline, character, soundtrack or joke from a film that usually falls into one of 6 categories…

Feeling Down? | 30 Feel Good Films

The Musical
Moulin Rouge, Calamity Jane & Grease
No matter how down I’m feeling, I find it virtually impossible to sit through Doris Day’s rendition of Windy City without joining in or listening to Secret Love without feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

The Childhood Favourite
Harry Potter, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Mr Doubtfire, Beauty and the Beast, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade & Jurassic Park
All of these films come with incredibly happy memories. Although it changes everytime I’m asked, I think that Jurassic Park is my favourite film of all time. I watch it at least four times a year and never, ever get bored of it. The soundtrack still gives me chills. A bit of nostalgia really does go hand in hand with all things hygge.

The Chickflick
Pretty Woman, One Fine Day, A Knight’s Tale, Legally Blonde, Father of the Bride, Miss Congeniality & 10 Things I Hate About You
Pretty much any film I remember either watching at a sleepover or going to see during a group outing to the cinema, where our parents would pick us up straight after and we thought we were being terribly grown up.

Feeling Down? | 30 Feel Good Films

The Cheesy 80’s Throwback
Overboard, Big, Back to the Future, The Lost Boys, Splash, Stand By Me & Scarface
The 80s is my favourite decade for movies. The music, the clothes, the hair; you just can’t beat it, especially if it stars a young Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks.

The Little Movies with Big Heart
Little Miss Sunshine, Juno, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind & The Way Way Back
I guess these could also come under the ‘Indie’ category, but I couldn’t find a clear definition of what this actually means. What I do know is, that these films don’t need special effects, huge budgets or press junkets. They are about real people; flaws and all. Their scripts are intricately written with a thorough understanding and dissection of the human condition and the soundtracks that accompany them are truly something special.

The Weepy
The Lion King, It’s a Wonderful Life & An Affair to Remember 
If I’m watching a tearjerker (let’s face it, sometimes you just need a good cry) it has to be the right kind of tearjerker. Film’s like Disney’s Fox & the Hound, Marley & Me, Step Mom, My Sister’s Keeper, The Notebook or The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, for example, are completely off limits. It needs to be a happy cry, an uplifting cry. Not one that leaves you feeling even more down than you felt before you started watching.

Did I include or miss out any of your favourites?