The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation | A Charlotte Tilbury Dupe?

Oh dear, I used the ‘D’ word that seems to be getting everyone’s back up. I love a good dupe, every girl who has a budget to stay to does, but I can see why brands and influencers are becoming increasingly concerned. Personally, I believe that there is a big difference between ‘duping’ a product and outright stealing it, however, I admit, that line is becoming very blurry. Two products can have similar shades and formulas like the two I am mentioning today, but when everything down to the name, shades, packaging and formulas are pretty much identical, well, isn’t that theft? It’s a tough one. The consumer in me loves that infamous Makeup Revolution Light & Shade palette. I hold my hands up – I bought it and I love it. I’ll always buy a mix of high street and high-end makeup. It all depends on what bill just came out, what toys/clothes/day out I’ve treated Penny to and how many cheeky takeaways we’ve treated ourselves to over the weekend.

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation | A Charlotte Tilbury Dupe?

However, the blogger in me understands Kat Von D’s frustration. Put it this way, if someone copied my entire blog but changed a few words and not only tried to passed it off as their own but charged less for a sponsored post or opportunity, well, I’d be raging. I put my heart and soul into my blog and countless hours and I’m guessing she did the same with her makeup collection. I’m torn (obviously because I actually purchased both palettes in the end!) because I know it’s common practice in the makeup industry and well, I love a bargain but where do we draw the line? I hate sitting on the fence. I’d love to know your opinions too. Anyway, let’s talk foundation!

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation | A Charlotte Tilbury Dupe?

I’ve been wearing The Body Shop’s Fresh Nude Foundation in shade Bora Bora for several weeks now and I’m seriously impressed with it. Available in 16 shades, The Body’s Shops latest foundation contains English rose water and aloe vera. It gives a light to medium coverage and semi-matte finish. It’s incredibly light and moisturising and contains SPF 15. What I love about it is that it gives my skin a lovely natural looking glow. My skin looks healthy, almost younger and it blends flawlessly. It gives that ultimate my-skin-but-better illusion.

I didn’t expect to be this wowed by the Fresh Nude Foundation. I usually prefer a medium to full coverage base with a matte finish. This gives a slight dewiness (is that a word?) to the skin but it doesn’t make my skin appear overly shiny. It gives a nice coverage but looks incredibly natural and fresh. Fresh Nude is very similar to my beloved Light Wonder Foundation from Charlotte  Tilbury, but £17 cheaper. They both contain SPF 15, they both give my skin a luminous glow, they both give light to medium coverage and they both keep my skin supple and hydrated. Light Wonder does claim to contain anti-aging properties and “a botanical alternative to retinol that stimulates epidermal renewal by kick-starting collagen production”, however, I personally have yet to see any visible evidence of this; that’s not to say it isn’t in there!

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation | A Charlotte Tilbury Dupe? - SwatchesThe Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation | A Charlotte Tilbury Dupe?

Yes, Bora Bora (surprisingly not their lightest shade) appears slightly darker than Fair 1, but once blended they are nearly identical. Don’t get my wrong, Light Wonder is a lovely foundation and it may have long-term skin benefits I am still not aware of, but would I buy it again now The Body Shop’s Fresh Nude Foundation is in my life? Probably not.

The Body Shop’s Fresh Nude Foundation retails for £15 and is available to purchase here.