60 Post Ideas for Lifestyle & Beauty Bloggers

I’m in no way an expert or some kind of blogging guru, but as I was updating my notebook of post ideas (one of about 40 I have stuffed in my desk) I thought that perhaps some of them might be of some use to another blogger. I try to stick to a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday schedule but sometimes I get a bit carried away and start posting daily… and then the ideas start to run out. It’s always handy to have a list of post backups to avoid writer’s block, however, I really believe that you need to be passionate about your content. If you just write for writing’s sake or because you feel pressured into following a schedule to stay relevant, regular readers will be able to detect this right away. You can always tell if a bloggers content is f0rced by their writing style and lack of enthusiasm. That being said, here’s a collection of fashion, beauty and lifestyle ideas that have recently popped into my head that may inspire you…
Blogging | 60 Post Ideas for Lifestyle & Beauty Bloggers
1. The Harry Potter Tag by Somdyuti at One Tiny Wish.
2. The Makeup Addict Tag by Heather at Porcelain Beauty.
3. The Netflix Tag by Alice at Annie Writes Beauty.
4. Blogging fails & blunders – Any misspellings, Twitter mishaps or coding setbacks to share?
5. Tips for studying/revision/exam time.
6. 5 favourite blogs/posts/bloggers/Instagram/Pinterest accounts – share the love people!
7. Write a book or movie review.
8. Your guilty pleasures – any celebrity crushes or cheesy tunes on your Ipod?
9. Your favourite blogging tools & resources such as online photo editors.
10. An interview with a person who has inspired you.
11. Your experience & thoughts on topics you are passionate about – buying followers, cruelty-free makeup, dupes etc.
12. Healthy eating and workout tips.
13. Beauty/fashion brands and labels you’d love to try or work with one day.
14. What’s your dream job?
15. Ways to relax and unwind. The importance of self-care.
16. Money saving tips: discount retailers, free samples, promotional codes, offers, sales & freebies that have caught your eye recently.
17. What’s in your handbag/notebook/makeup bag/photo album/memory box?
18. A Spotify playlist with a theme – chill out, work out, girls night out…
19. Share your tips to improve a skill such as photography.
20. A week without makeup (*gulp*).
21. Your fashion/movie/music heaven & hell.
22. Your top 5 fashion/makeup fails – body glitter, orange foundation, platform trainers?
23. A childhood memory/tradition/story.
24. An inspiring/motivating/moving quotes post.
25. A list of date night/girls-night-in ideas.
26. Your daily/nightly skincare routine.
27. A simple makeup tutorial.
28. Who’s your fashion icon and why?
29. Your opinion on a trending topic – check out your Twitter feed.
30. Review something that has made you happy recently– a restaurant, event, candle – the possibilities are endless.
31. A recent fashion, homeware, stationery or beauty haul.
32. This season’s fashion/makeup trends/favourite catwalk looks.
33. A list of thrifty makeup dupes and budget brands.
34. The Rainbow Tag by Jessica at EyesMadeUp.
35. Your pet peeves – try to keep it lighthearted!
36. Any recent charity shop finds – it’s amazing what you can find if you just take a look.
37. Do you have a hobby like scrapbooking, autograph collecting or bird watching you could write about?
38. A luxury fashion/beauty/book wishlist.
39. Your favourite author – what makes them so unique?
40. Things that have made you happy this week.
41. An Instagram update.
42. 10 facts about you.
43. Why did you start blogging?
44. A brand focus such as Lush, The Body Shop – their philosophy, history or new releases.
45. Lessons you learnt at high school, college, uni or at your first job.
46. Your favourite Etsy stores.
47. Embrace your wanderlust – places you’d love to travel to someday.
48. A no mirror/brush makeup challenge post.
49. Host a giveaway, competition or poll.
50. Help a blogger out – how do you promote your posts? Advertise? Make money?
51. A simple nail art post.
52. Get crafty. Handmade gifts, cards, face masks or DIYs.
53. A guest post – ask on Twitter if anyone would like to write a guest post to promote their following.
54. Photograph an Outfit of the Day.
55. Write a letter to your teenage self.
56. Who are the 5 most important people in your life?
57. A list of cruelty-free beauty brands.
58. How did you come up with your blog name? What does it mean to you?
59. An empties or favourites post.
60. A tour of where you live, shop or socialise.

I hope this collection of ideas will inspire or help you in some small way. If you have a similar post with different ideas I’d love to hear from you in a comment below. Do you have any tips for getting over writer’s block?