Sonya Esman x ColourPop Gemini by Night Palette & Bestselling Ultra Satin Lipsticks

If you live in the UK and still haven’t made a ColourPop order – do it now! I promise that you won’t be disappointed. I know that everyone is scared of surprise customs charges, I for one have been really lucky so far. Let make breakdown this little haul for you – I paid $30 on the ColourPop website ($18 for the palette and the lipsticks were on offer for $4 each). I personally use MyMallBox, a packaging forwarding company that helps ship American products to international users. Once you sign up to MyMallBox you receive a free US address with your own unique suite number. This way you can take advantage of discounts and promotional codes and offers that are only available to US citizens. I then had them shipped over to the UK which cost £9.12. ColourPop also offers international delivery but I prefer to do it my way as I’ve yet to encounter any additional charges so far. Anyway, let’s have a look at some swatches…

Sonya Esman x ColourPop Gemini by Night Palette | Review & Swatches

After my disastrous experience with the ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip formula, my lovely Twitter followers recommended I try the Ultra Satin Lip collection instead. I ordered three of their bestselling shades: Alyssa, Littlestitious and Aquarius. Currently, if you spend $20 you can also pick a free Ultra Satin sampler from the Mini Bar and for every additional $10 you get to pick up another. I chose deluxe miniatures of Frick N’ Frack and Dopey.

Ultra Satin Lipstick Swatches - Aquarius, Alyssa, Littlestitious, Dopey and Frick n' Frack

I’ll just come out and say it – I love these lipsticks! The formula is thick, creamy and rich in pigment; I couldn’t believe how opaque they are. Once dry they give a flawless matte finish but contain emollient ingredients for added moisture. They feel a little tacky on the lips but aren’t sticky in the slightest. Unlike the Ultra Matte formula, they feel comfortable and lightweight, they don’t crack and they don’t settle into every crease on your lips. I can’t recommend these highly enough, I really am impressed. The only con is that they aren’t kissproof, they are transferable but when left untouched, they are very long lasting.

Ultra Satin Lipstick Swatches - Aquarius, Alyssa, Littlestitious, Dopey and Frick n' Frack

As well as the lipsticks, I picked up a few more of their pressed eyeshadows. As much I adore their Super Shock Eyeshadows, I wanted a few singles to complete my ZPalette. Each single individually retails for $5, however, ColourPop are currently running a promotion where you can pick up 4 for $18. I bought one of their curated palettes, Gemini by Night which is their collaboration with Sonya Esman. I have to admit, I have no idea who Sonya Esman is, but I instantly fell in love with this collection of shades.

Sonya Esman x ColourPop Gemini by Night Palette | Review & SwatchesSonya Esman x ColourPop Gemini by Night Palette | Review & Swatches

The mini palette contains – Golden Gate Bridge (matte warm nude), The Hidden Hills (satin warm taupe), Manhattan Coffee Run (matte mid-tone brown) and Moscow Sunrise (metallic rosy copper). Just like my Hi-Maintenance Palette (review & swatches here) these shades are stunning. They blend evenly and smoothly, they feel soft and buttery and the colour payoff is amazing. ColourPop’s pressed eyeshadows are so vibrant, affordable and easy to work with that I have actually abandoned my Makeup Geek collection in favour of these.

Have you made any ColourPop orders recently? I’d love to know what you picked up.

Also, what’s your favourite Ultra Satin Lip shade? Right now mine is Alyssa.