Carmex Ultra Moisturising Lip Balm | A Much Loved Favourite with a New Lime Twist

My lips look constantly chapped as they are incredibly sensitive and, being a beauty blogger, I am constantly exposing them to new lipstick formulas which doesn’t help matters. There’s only a handful of lip products that I trust to help keep them moisturised without causing irritation and Carmex is at the top of that list.

Carmex Ultra Moisturising Lip Balm | A Much Loved with a New Lime Twist

There are a few beauty and skincare brands that I rely on nearly every day of my life that I don’t talk about nearly enough. Carmex is one, as is Palmers (their body butter is my holy grail), Head & Shoulders and Schwarzkopf hair colourants. These might not be the most glamorous of products but, wow, they work and the definitely deserve more praise and attention. That’s why I’m so happy to see this fruity new twist on a classic product that I can’t recommend highly enough.

Carmex Ultra Moisturising Lip Balm | A Much Loved with a New Lime Twist

It just works. It keeps my lips soft, moisturised, smooth, kissable and plump better than any other brand on the market. It also contains SPF 15. I have to admit, the tiny yellow pot has always been a bit of a pain to get product out of (who wants lip balm under their freshly painted nails?) so this twist up stick packaging is a wonderful improvement. Also, instead of their signature cherry scent and flavour, this new lime variety is also a welcome addition. It tastes exactly like green Starbursts. It’s refreshing, tangy and fruity, the only problem is that it’s ridiculously tempting to lick it off your lips just moments before you put it on!

What beauty and skincare brands or products do you think deserves more attention and praise?

Have you tried the new this Lime Twist flavour yet?