26th June 2017

First Impressions of the Rimmel #Insta Collection | Affordable Selfie-Ready Makeup

You’ve probably spotted Rimmel’s new #Insta Collection all over social media; everyone is talking about it! Sorry if you’ve read a similar review already but there are so many products to talk about that even just gathering my first impression was a bit time-consuming. Dubbed Rimmel’s first “selfie-ready” collection, this range is clearly trying to cling onto that younger hashtag-obsessed demographic which I’m still a little confused on whether I’m a part of not. The collection includes the #Insta Fix & Go 2 in 1 Primer Setting Spray, #Insta Duo Contour Stick, #Insta Conceal & Contour Palette, #Insta Conceal & Correct Palette and #Insta Fix & Matte Translucent Powder. There have been so many new launches from Rimmel recently and if you’re finding it a little difficult to keep up, don’t worry, you can read all about them here.

First Impressions of the Rimmel #Insta Collection

The #Insta Fix & Go 2 in 1 Primer Setting Spray (£6.99/100ml) is the original product from the Insta collection before the palettes, powder and contour sticks were introduced. While it makes for a good setting spray I have yet to see any of it’s ‘priming’ benefits. It doesn’t blur any imperfections or make my makeup any easier to apply but it does help keep it in place and is very quick drying, however, the spray seems to shoot product everywhere and makes it impossible not to soak your hair in the process. I’m still on the fence with this one guys, I’m afraid All Nighter has spoiled me.

First Impressions of the Rimmel #Insta Collection

To stop my makeup from melting off my face in this glorious sunshine we’ve been having, my matte powder has quickly become my number one handbag essential. Whilst I swear by my Vichy Setting Powder for baking my concealer and setting my makeup, it’s far from travel-friendly so I’ve been relying heavily on the #Insta Fix & Matte Translucent Powder (£4.99/8g) for touchups throughout the day. Rimmel has always been an expert at creating affordable pressed powders; Stay Matte has been a holy grail product of mine for over five years now. This translucent powder comes with a cute hashtag pattern pressed on top and despite its colour doesn’t leave any visible white cast when applied, which I guess is what makes it ‘selfie-ready’. It’s not chunky or chalky and instantly mattifies the skin, eradicating any unsightly shine and gives a smooth porcelain appearance to my skin.

First Impressions of the Rimmel #Insta Collection

I have to admit when It comes to colour correcting I feel a little out of my depth sometimes. I’m happy to report the #Insta Conceal & Correct Palette (£6.49) is a nifty kit which caters to newbies like myself and makes the whole process less intimidating. It contains three shades: peach to neutralise dark circles, green to cover redness and lilac which cancels out dullness. Whilst I’ve not found much use for the lilac shade yet, the peach really helps to brighten my under eye area and the green helps to even out the discoloration around my nose and chin. The formula is so creamy that I just pat the shade I need with my finger onto my skin – it’s that simple. This is a great fuss-free colour correcting starter palette.

First Impressions of the Rimmel #Insta Collection

Rimmel has also released three #Insta Conceal & Correct Palettes (£6.49) in light, medium and dark. Each contains a creamy highlight, conceal and contour shade. Whilst they apply nicely, with no creasing and high coverage, even the lightest shades are a too warm for my pale skin tone so I really haven’t had the opportunity to use them fully.

First Impressions of the Rimmel #Insta Collection First Impressions of the Rimmel #Insta CollectionFirst Impressions of the Rimmel #Insta Collection

The #Insta Duo Contour Sticks (£6.99 each) are the products I was most looking forward to trying. With the mixed reviews of Kim K W’s contour kit doing the rounds, this launch couldn’t come at a better time for Rimmel! I was so relieved to find that I could actually get away with the shades in the lightest contour stick. These are easy to use but a little goes a long way so my tip is not to go in too heavy handed. Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of cream contouring products these are actually very easy to blend with a damp beauty blender and add instant and precise definition in just a few strokes. I do wish that the contour shade was slightly ‘greyer’ as I think that looks more natural with my skin tone (does that make sense?) as this one gives more of a summer glow to my cheeks rather than natural looking depth.

Click here to find out more about the #Insta Collection.

Have you tried any of the Insta collection?

Which product are you most excited to get your hands on?


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