Contour, Highlight & Glow This Summer With Rimmel London

Rimmel have recently launched several products that are sure to help you look sculpted, highlighted and glowing this summer. Plus, their #Insta Collection (read all about it here) features a matte powder and setting spray to make sure your makeup doesn’t budge even in the most humid of temperatures. We all dream of naturally looking like a bronzed goddess at this time of year but, realistically, the majority need all the help we can get. Don’t worry, Rimmel have got you covered…

Contour, Highlight & Glow This Summer with Rimmel London

Rimmel’s not-so-secret weapon to achieve sun-kissed skin in a matter of minutes is their iconic SunShimmer Instant Tan collection. This was the first ever fake tan I bought. My teenage self would cover her pasty legs in this chocolate goo and you know what, it worked. Although thank God it now comes in a light shade! SunShimmer is also available in a matte or shimmer finish and is a life saver for anyone with ‘peely-wally’ Scottish pins like mine.

Rimmel London Radiance Brick

From a golden-oldie to a recent launch, the new Radiance Brick is an ultra fine multi-tonal bronzing powder available in two shades; 001 Light and 002 Medium. I really appreciate how versatile this product is. Simply mix all shades together with a big fluffy powder brush or use single shades to contour and highlight features. The powder is buttery and smooth with an even distribution of pigment and shimmer. It’s not overly glittery and definitely isn’t as chalky as other ‘drugstore’ bronzers.

Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Palette

Rimmel also has two best-selling contour products: the Kate Sculpting Palette and the Insta Duo Contouring Stick. The Sculpting palette contains three powder shades – a highlighter, shading powder and blush – that seamlessly blend with your natural skin tone to create a more contoured appearance. They might not seem very pigmented at first but they are buildable. I actually prefer this when it comes to contour products as I’m a newbie in this field and I’d rather slowly build up my contour than go in too heavy handed. The sticks are also surprisingly easy to use. They shape your face whilst enhancing definition in a matter of seconds. I like the lipstick bullet style of applicator as it allows you to precisely map out your contour, plus they are super creamy and easy to blend.

Have you tried any of these products?

What are your go-to products to help you fake that summertime glow?