Happy Birthday Essence Cosmetics!

Highstreet, or drugstore makeup, was once thought of as more affordable and accessible than high-end brands, but that’s not always the case. Yes, Makeup Revolution, e.l.f., MUA and Collection are still killing it, but an eyeshadow palette or cushion foundation from L’Oreal could set you back up to £15 each and does anyone else think it’s a bit strange that The Balm is now nestled in-between Rimmel and Barry M at Superdrug?! Essence is a brand that has remained loyal to both their price points and to their customers. As their competitor’s prices start to slowly creep up Essence continue to turn out products at literally pocket money prices (I’m talking my favourite Satin Touch Coral Blush for only £1) with high-quality formulas that could even rival a few high-end brands I’ve tried recently!

Happy Birthday Essence Cosmetics!

Essence is a brand you might not have too much experience with, especially if you live in Scotland, as I admit, it’s not the easiest to come by. I am honored to currently be on their PR list, which is why I received this beautiful box of their best-selling products in celebration of their 15th birthday. However, before I was lucky enough to be added and even now when I see a product that catches my eye, I turn to Wilko.com. Right now my favourite products are their All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder (£3), Prettifying Lip Oil (£2), Colour Boost High Pigment Nail Polishes (£1.80) and I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base (£2.50). While I get to grips playing around and swatching all my lovely new products and patiently wait for my Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer which I ordered just a few days ago to arrive, you can check out my collection of Essence reviews here.

Happy birthday Essence you’re doing a fabulous job!

Essence is now available at Wilko.com with prices starting at only £1.