DHC Liquid Eyeliner EX & Olive Virgin Oil Swabs | Perfect Pro Makeup

DHC (which stands for Daigaku Honyaku Center) is Japan’s No. 1 skincare company and their UK subsidiary very kindly sent me a box full of their bestselling products including their iconic Deep Cleansing Oil, which my skin appears to be loving right now, their multipurpose Olive Virgin Oil Swabs and DHC Liquid Eyeliner EX. Whilst I’m pretty loyal to my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper, the beauty blogger in me is always looking for a more precise applicator and pigmented formula. I have to admit, this liner took me by surprise…

DHC Liquid Eyeliner EX

The DHC Liquid Eyeliner EX (£16 | 0.5ml) is a very slim brush-tip pen packaged in metallic pink and silver which sits nicely in your hand with a secure cap. The tip is very fine and bends with the shape of the eye when you apply it. Simply adjust the pressure to change the thickness of your line and the pen dispenses the correct amount of richly pigmented smudge-proof liner. The tip is incredibly precise and sturdy enough to hold it’s shape but still gentle enough to not cause any discomfort.

DHC Liquid Eyeliner EX

This is the most precise liner I own. My liner has a tendency to ‘get away’ from me, often ending up thicker than I originally intended. With the DHC Liquid Eyeliner EX, I can create thin, smooth, even lines that don’t feather or fade for subtle daytime looks and build upon them for more dramatic lines and flicks for nighttime wear. Plus, the water-resistant formula lasts all day and night so there’s no need for any touch-ups, however, if you wanted to exaggerate your look if you’re heading out for a few drinks after work, it’s so slim and compact that it’s perfect for popping in your handbag.

DHC Liquid Eyeliner EX & Olive Virgin Oil Swabs

The Olive Virgin Oil Swabs (£6.75 | x50) are the perfect partner to any eye product. No matter how much of an expert you are at applying liner, mistakes happen and these individually wrapped swabs are a dressing table must have. DHC is rooted in the beneficial properties of one of nature’s finest ingredients, virgin olive oil. These swaps are infused with nurturing olive oil and they can be used to fix mascara splodges, uneven liner, lipstick mishaps and condition cuticles and hard to reach places in seconds. They are even gentle enough to use on a baby’s skin. It’s such a simple and useful idea!

DHC skincare, bodycare and makeup items are available at dhcuk.co.uk, Essential and Feel Unique.