Primark ‘Just Peachy’ Collection | Review & Swatches

First of all, can we just take a moment to appreciate how adorable this Primark Beauty collection is?! Yes, the whole peach trend has come and gone as we delve into our autumn berries and plums, but still, I could not resist picking up a few products from this collection. I don’t really want to talk about the C-word too prematurely, but wouldn’t these make the cutest stocking fillers this year considering that they are crazy affordable?

Primark Beauty 'Just Peachy' Collection | Review & Swatches

Let’s start by talking about the Just Peachy Eye Shadow Palette which retails for only £2.50. It took me a while in the Dundee branch to find a palette that wasn’t damaged or covered in fallout. The palette itself is made out of cardboard which isn’t the sturdiest and a few of the shades are very powdery: two things that don’t particularly shock me about a £2.50 palette. Clearly, this collection is giving a cheeky wink in the direction of Too Faced (one of the highlighters is literally called ‘Sweet Peach’) but I don’t think they have anything to worry about. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised when I swatched this palette.

Primark Beauty 'Just Peachy' Collection | Review & Swatches

If you are looking for an intense bright pop of peach you will be disappointed as the shades are actually quite subtle but very wearable, plus you seriously need to apply a primer to avoid fading throughout the day. However, if you want to create a simple, pretty, girly look this palette is actually a great little find. I’m actually impressed with the pigmentation when you compare it to the latest Barry M palette I tested recently. As I said, they are a bit on the chalky side but they aren’t patchy and are very buildable. I think some people go out of their way to find flaws with Primark makeup but this isn’t trying to compete with Too Faced in terms of formula, however, it is a fun, affordable palette that may surprise you.

Primark Beauty 'Just Peachy' Collection | Review & Swatches

The Cheeky Peachy Blush & Highlight Palette (£3) contains a champagne gold highlighter, a matte peach blush and a shimmering pinky-peach blush. Each comes with a cute little face embossed on top but this will fade away almost immediately. The highlight is very glittery and slightly more yellow-toned than I prefer so it a miss for me personally. The shade ‘Peachin’ is very pigmented which isn’t always a good thing when it comes to a blush. A little goes a long way but it does blend out easily; just don’t go in too heavy-handed! ‘Sweet Peach’ is the most wearable shade and gives a pretty flush of colour to the cheeks without being overly glittery. As with the eyeshadow palette, all shades are scented. The fragrance isn’t as delicate as my Sweet Peach palette, it smells more artificial and chemically, however, it’s not overly off-putting as they only smell when actually in the pan.

Primark Beauty 'Just Peachy' Collection | Review & SwatchesPrimark Beauty 'Just Peachy' Collection | Review & Swatches

The collection also includes a range of peach oil lipglosses (£2.50), nail polishes (£1.50) and a selection of cute peach themed accessories such as tweezers and nail files. Primark has really nailed the design of the packing, there’s no denying that it’s adorable. This collection is perfect for anyone starting out with makeup and has a limited budget. The quality of Primark makeup is definitely improving with every product I try.