Photo Diary | Christmas at Dobbies

Last year Penny met Santa for the very first time at Dobbies, this year we returned and also treated ourselves a festive afternoon. This is without a doubt my favourite time of year, I’ve always loved Christmas but having Penny to share it with makes it even more magical. It gets better every year as she becomes more and more curious about the guy in the red suit. We started our afternoon by walking around Dobbies admiring the delicious cakes in their food hall and all the decorations. The highlight of Penny’s day was marvelling at the fish in the aquariums at the pet corner, watching all the twinkling lights and bumping into two beautiful bulldogs who were plodding along. I always forget that Dobbies is dog-friendly. Penny loves animals and couldn’t believe her eye’s when she saw them. She knows two words, no, they aren’t ‘mama’ and ‘dada’, they’re ‘cat’ and ‘dog’. She also loved all the soft toys and animals scattered all over the shop, including this happy guy down below. She nearly jumped out of her pram trying to cuddle him. I love all the little finishing touches that help to make ‘boring’ shopping that little bit more exciting for the little ones.

Photo Diary | Christmas at DobbiesPhoto Diary | Christmas at DobbiesPhoto Diary | Christmas at DobbiesPhoto Diary | Christmas at DobbiesPhoto Diary | Christmas at Dobbies

So Penny met Santa and whilst she was a little apprehensive at first, she squealed with delight as he handed over an early Christmas present. Unfortunately, no smiles were caught on our outing as Penny has a talent for becoming incredibly serious everytime I bring out my camera, but it’s safe to say after stuffing her face with warm scones covered in clotted cream and jam, bouncing up and down in her buggy everytime she saw a Christmas tree and singing all the way home in the car, that she had a wonderful day. It’s always awkward when meeting Santa with a little one as I had to hold up her side of the conversation but he was really chatty (Teletubbies is always a great conversation starter with a one-year-old) and his ‘elf’ was really smiley and friendly too. There was a table set up by the grotto to draw which Penny really enjoyed.

Photo Diary | Christmas at DobbiesPhoto Diary | Christmas at DobbiesPhoto Diary | Christmas at Dobbies

We finished off our afternoon sharing a tower of brie and cranberry sandwiches, mince pies, scones, fruit covered meringues and a trifle. My mum and I had a coffee whilst Penny, no joke, opened and closed the tiny jar that came with the strawberry jam for 15 minutes whilst killing herself laughing. She is such a funny little person, with appalling table manners!

Do you love Christmas as much as we do? I’d love to know what you are getting up to this year. Drop me a comment below.