12th March 2018

Hair Care for Redheads | John Frieda Radiant Red Boosting Shampoo & Conditioner

Over a month ago I was sent these new haircare products from John Frieda by Love Me Beauty. I originally thought they were the same colour protecting products I had previously tried but the Radiant Red collection actually contains a semi-permanent dye to add vibrancy and enrich red tones. John Frieda claims that both the shampoo and conditioner contain technology that targets the most damaged, fade-prone areas. Simply use the shampoo as normal and then massage the conditioner evenly through wet hair from root to tip. Leave on for at least 1 minute, or up to 10 minutes for stronger results. Both products are safe to use on normal and colour treated hair and can even be used by brunettes to create a subtle red sheen or cherry tone to their hair colour.

Hair Care for Redheads | John Frieda Radiant Red Boosting Shampoo & Conditioner

After using these products I definitely saw a difference in the amount of time I needed between dying my hair. I usually dye it using my trusty Schwarzkopf LIVE Intense Colour in shade Real Red every month. Even though my roots were still just as visible, the rest of my hair didn’t look as dull and faded as is normally does in week 3. Both products help to enhance my colour whilst distributing the colour more evenly for a natural-looking appearance. However, even though this combo had an impressive effect on my colour it failed to give me that soft, nourished feeling. Continuously dying your hair is bound to damage it no matter what products you use but after using these my hair felt incredibly dry and tangled despite it containing Pomegranate Extract & Vitamin E. Would I purchase these again? I’m on the fence. They will work with the help of a seriously hydrating mask or treatment, however, I try to avoid over-washing my hair to prevent the colour from fading and basically going straight down my bath plug. Perhaps, if your hair isn’t as damaged as mine (pregnancy really took its toll on mine) you’d love these products but I personally require a deeper, richer condition to seal in the moisture.

The John Frieda Radiant Red Boosting Shampoo & Conditioner retail for £6.99 each.

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