30th March 2018

Revolution Skin Kiss Highlighter in Ice Kiss

Up until I tried Skin Kiss by Revolution Beauty (formally known at Makeup Revolution), I had pretty expensive taste in highlighters. This is my current favourite ‘drugstore’ or ‘high street’ highlighter that rivals many in my collection that retail for over £25. I bought Skin Kiss after hearing UK YouTuber Sophie Louise repeatably mention it on her channel. When it first arrived, I couldn’t believe the size of the pan. It’s seriously huge! Considering it only cost me £5 this should last me a lifetime. I picked up this highlighter at the Tam Beauty website which has now been revamped and looks a lot more chic and user-friendly. You can check it out here

Revolution Beauty Skin Kiss Highlighter in Ice Kiss (Makeup Revolution)

The formula feels a little dry but the colour payoff is stunning. Ice Kiss is an icy white/silver highlight similar to my Ofra Glazed Donut. It’s the perfect shade for those with fair skin and although it’s a little powdery, it’s smooth and doesn’t accentuate the texture of the skin. It doesn’t contain huge chunks of glitter and applies and blends flawlessly with my favourite highlight brush, the Zoeva Rose Golden Vol.2 105.

Revolution Beauty Skin Kiss Highlighter in Ice Kiss (Makeup Revolution)

There are now 12 different shades in the Skin Kiss highlighter family including; Peach Kiss, Rose Gold Kiss, Champagne Kiss and Dream Kiss. The packaging has been simplified over the years but the formula remains the same. Each pan contains 14g of product and retails for £5.

Revolution Beauty Skin Kiss Highlighter in Ice Kiss (Makeup Revolution)

I love the frosty glow Ice Kiss gives to my skin. I had no idea this highlighter would be so pigmented and easy to work with and I can’t wait to add Champagne Kiss to my collection next.

The Revolution Beauty Skin Kiss Highlighter in Ice Kiss retails for £5 and is available to purchase here.

Which drugstore/budget highlighter is your favourite?

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