Over Hyped Makeup I Found Disappointing… | Feat. Revolution Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury & Benefit

As a beauty blogger, I obviously put a lot of products through their paces. There are some products, however, that I can be testing for months but still have no idea how I feel about them. It’s so frustrating to sit firmly on the fence. Here are three products that I want to love, but just can’t bring myself to recommend despite the massive amount of hype surrounding them…I was really impressed with the Revolution Beauty Conceal & Define Concealer, despite the odd bit of creasing under my eyes. When I heard that they were releasing a stick foundation I made sure I was at my laptop the day it launched to pick up the lightest shade, as I knew it would be almost impossible to purchase from my local Superdrug. When I first applied the Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation (£5), although it was a touch darker than I’m usually comfortable with, I was impressed by how quickly it was to apply and how full coverage it was. However, as the day wore on I noticed creasing and dry patches forming. It’s a very thick foundation and no matter how much I use it looks a touch cakey. At the start of the day, it looks flawless but on my combination skin, it breaks down or bunches up in odd places. I find myself having to touch up my makeup constantly. I know many people adore this foundation, but for my skin type and preferences, I just find it hard work.

I purchased the Benefit BADGal Bang Mascara (£21.50) the week it was launched. I don’t find myself at the Benefit counter all that often but I have always been impressed with their collection of mascaras and blushes. I find everything about this mascara a little odd. I don’t see the connection with the original BADGal mascara, the packaging isn’t really to my taste and I found the whole hoopla of excessive influencer trips and constant references to ‘Space Age’ technology exhausting. Just let the product speak for itself. I really like the brush, it grips onto the lashes like a magnet coating them easily. It’s especially great for lower lashes as it’s so slim and compact. It does give my lashes a tremendous amount of volume when first applied, but four to five hours down the line, I notice that they have lost that initial wow factor. They lose their height and also start to flake. I also find that it smudges under my eyes as the day goes on and is an absolute nightmare to remove. When first applied the results are beautiful, I start to think it could be my new favourite, but as the day wears on I struggle to find anything particularly incredible about it.

Finally, let me start by professing my undying love for the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand (£29). It’s new to my collection but has completely changed my contouring game (although I didn’t really have one, to begin with). It’s so easy to use! The shade is perfect for pale skin tones and it blends flawlessly. No muddy or harsh lines just subtle definition and warmth. I never really understood the fuss when it came to contouring but this has totally converted me. So why am I not professing my undying love for it all over social media? The price. I completely understand that CT is a high-end brand and I’ve spent a ridiculous amount on her amazing collection over the years without hesitation or regret. However, the tube arrived nearly empty and full of air. Honestly, the packaging could be half the size and still have plenty of space for the 12g inside. The product is exceptional but even I would feel guilty recommending this to my readers. If you want to invest in it I promise you won’t be disappointed with the product itself but you may feel a little cheated.

Are there any products that you don’t understand the hype over too?