28th May 2018

Revolution Pro Supreme Eyeshadow Palette in Intoxicate

When the new Revolution Pro collection first launched, their highlight and eyeshadow palettes were among the first products I picked up. They really nailed it with the simple stripped back packaging. I think it looks a lot cleaner, grown-up and professional than their I Heart Revolution and Obsession sister brands. I love how they’ve created a whole new collection without any visible dupes and packaging knock-offs, and came up with a collection of products that are very much still on trend and that have everyone talking.

Revolution Pro Supreme Eyeshadow Palette in Intoxicate

The Revolution Pro Supreme Eyeshadow Palette in Intoxicate contains eight pans of warm-toned shadows embossed with a wave-like pattern on top in a standard black compact with a clear plastic lid. There are five mattes and 3 shimmers included, which I think is a really well-balanced combination. Yes, shimmers usually have the wow factor, especially when swatched, but the mattes are where the real magic happens. Without a strong base, your whole look can fall apart and then you find yourself scrambling to find another palette to come to the rescue.

Revolution Pro Supreme Eyeshadow Palette in IntoxicateRevolution Pro Supreme Eyeshadow Palette in Intoxicate

Inside (from left to right) you’ll find a matte peachy pink, matte umber, matte burnt orange, matte burnt sienna, salmon pink shimmer with gold glitter, burnt sienna shimmer, burnt umber shimmer and matte warm deep brown. The only shade I find myself needing is a creamy pale base shade, however, I have tons in my collection already so this is far from a deal breaker.

Revolution Pro Supreme Eyeshadow Palette in Intoxicate - Swatches

Each shadow is super soft and packed with pigment. The mattes are really creamy and easy to work with and the shimmers, when applied wet and pressed into the centre of your lid, really pop. My only critique is that the two shimmers to the right of the palette are quite similar, it would have nice to maybe have included a pale inner corner highlight shade instead. The design on top also wears away incredibly quickly. Every shade blends beautifully and has a very even texture – no patchiness or chalkiness in sight! I’m really impressed with the Intoxicated Supreme Palette from Revolution Pro and will definitely be picking up ‘Allure’ next, which includes cool-toned browns, taupes, a mauve and lilac.

The Revolution Pro Supreme Eyeshadow Palette in Intoxicate retails for £6 and is available here

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