Be a Merbabe | Spectrum Collections Pearly Queen Bomb Shell Set

When I need to invest in some high-quality, jaw-droppingly beautiful makeup brushes, I always turn to the lovely ladies at Spectrum Collections*. I’ve used at least three brushes from my White Marbleous Set literally every day since purchasing it back in February last year and they still look brand new. Recently, I was very kindly sent the stunning Pearly Queen 12 Piece Bomb Shell & Oyster Roll Set of mermaid inspired gorgeousness. I mean… just look at it! *sigh* I think this will capture the heart of literally every makeup lover in existence.

Be a Merbabe | Spectrum Collections Pearly Queen Bomb Shell Set

This beaut is the travel-friendly version of the Bomb Shell Set. It contains the same 12 brushes but comes in a holographic finish roll with a magnetic shell closure and sky blue lining. It’s so hard to capture the beauty of Oyster Wrap and how it glimmers when the light hits the reflective material. It really is dreamy. The original shell case is a little bulkier as it can also be worn as a handbag. The brush heads are full size, but the handles are slightly shorter, making them more handbag friendly but just as effective and beautiful.

Be a Merbabe | Spectrum Collections Pearly Queen Bomb Shell Set

I probably don’t have to point out how beautiful the combination of blush, rose gold and hot pink is. The Spectrum Collections logo and brush number can be found on the side of each brush in rose gold foil. The brushes are a mix of Spectrum Collections new luxe, contour, and essential brushes and are made from the highest quality vegan-friendly synthetic hair. They feel incredibly soft. These brushes are relatively new to my collection but I haven’t experienced any shedding with my White Marbleous Set and they have managed to keep their shape throughout numerous cleaning sessions. Note: Spectrum Collections also have a range of cleaning tools including their Liquid Magic Vegan Brush Shampoo, Unicorn Horn Soap and Mermaid Tail Scrub which can be found here.

A00 – Luxe Powder

This is my favourite brush of the Marbleous Set so I love that I now have a travel-friendly back-up. The bristles are incredibly soft but are still dense enough to pick up a lot of product. The top of the bristles basically suck up my finishing powder like a magnet but applies it flawlessly without any waste. I use this to dust over my bronzer too as it distributes product evenly and can blend out even the chunkiest of powders effortlessly.

C03 – Tulip Powder

This brush is designed for the application of powder or cream contour products. The tapered tip is perfect for adding subtle definition around the hairline and adding highlights to the cheek.

A02 – Angled Foundation & C02 – Flat Top Contour

Spectrum Collections recommend using a combination of these two brushes when applying cream foundation. The A02 for a lighter shade covering more of your face, then C02 for your darker shade applied under cheekbones and jaw, around the hairline and temples. I find myself drawn to the C02 more as it is very dense and perfect for really buffing my foundation into my skin.

A05 – Precision Blush

Just like the A00, I will get a lot of use out of this bad boy. It’s perfect for slowly building up my blush and then delicately diffusing the edges to create a natural-looking flush of colour.

Be a Merbabe | Spectrum Collections Pearly Queen Bomb Shell Set

B06 – Tall Tapered Blender & A07 – Colour Applicator

I can already tell that this combination of eyeshadow brushes is going to be daily. When I’m in a hurry, which is most mornings, I simply use the A07 to pack on a soft matte brown onto the centre of my lid and use the B06 to blend it out. It’s so simple and easy to do. It buffs out the colour perfectly with no harsh lines.

A12 – Fluffy Pencil

The A12 is my go-to brush for highlighting the inner corners and adding depth into my crease. I also use it to blend out my lower lash line when I can actually be bothered putting anything under there!

A14 – Winger Definer & A15 – Lip Liner

I’ll admit, these are the two I’ll probably get the least use out of. It’s just a personal thing but I very rarely line my lips and if I do I usually use a pencil. When it comes to eyeliner I make a rough attempt to create a wonky wing with a liquid liner with an inbuilt brush.

B05 – Luxe Blender & A13 – Short Smudge

I keep these two handy brushes by my side for all matter of multitasking. If I’m creating a bolder, more complicated eye look I use the A13 when I require a little more precision and the B05 to blend out the overall look to perfection. The B05 can also be used to buff in precise contour around the nose, highlight the brow bone, or buff in your concealer.

Obviously, this is just a guide, I’m very much one for using a makeup brush in a way that works for you not necessarily what it’s designed for. The brushes have a nice weight to them, they sit comfortably in the hand and are a dream to use. Investing in a new set of brushes really can transform how you apply your makeup. Sometimes when a bronzer appears chunky or an eyeshadow is patchy the right tools can really make a difference; it isn’t necessarily the product fault. The Pearly Queen Bomb Shell Set makes applying you makeup fun and easy, not to mention, they look beautiful on your dressing table or in your handbag.

The Pearly Queen 12 Piece Bomb Shell Set & Oyster Roll is part of the Merbabe Collection retails for £79.99 (that’s just over £6.50 per brush PLUS a beautiful travel bag) and is available from Spectrum Collections here.