Staying Motivated & Long Term Goals

I started my blog as a hobby but I’ve slowly become more passionate about its growth and future ‘success’; although I appreciate we all have our own definition of what constitutes as success in the blogging community. Is it engagement? Pageviews? Followers? Fame? I’m beginning to wonder, but that’s a subject for a whole other post entirely. As the beginning of my maternity leave grows closer and closer, I am more motivated than ever to push myself to create new content, develop my photography and writing skills, and learn more about the blogging industry. I know that becoming a full-time blogger isn’t everyone’s ideal career path but It’s a goal I’d love to achieve in the years to come.

Setting Goals & Keeping Track of Progress

I recently joined Blog & Beyond, a Facebook group created by Charlotte from Colours and Carousels. It’s a small community of like-minded bloggers and small business owners looking to make the most of their online presence. On Sunday night Charlotte hosted a Facebook Live Chat about setting manageable goals and it encouraged me to break down my long-term goal into smaller monthly and even daily goals and tasks (both blog-related and personal) to help me feel less overwhelmed. Charlotte also shared different resources she utilises including books, coaching, and workbooks that I highly recommend you check out. She also offers blogger-focused packages over at Content By Charlotte designed to improve your online presence and look at ways to create brilliant, optimised content that your readers will love. I’m hoping to take advantage of this once the baby has arrived.

Staying Motivated

The prospect of having my own dedicated workspace has also motivated me. Currently, I sit all squished up on the sofa, balancing my laptop on top of my bump constantly checking that the baby hasn’t knocked over my cup of tea. We are moving this weekend into a much bigger house and I will finally have space to create an area solely dedicated to blog writing. No more stuffing blog props into random drawers, losing my camera around the house and having my thoughts completely obliterated by the Paw Patrol theme tune. I’ve spent many hours trawling Pinterest searching for desks, stationery and colour schemes. This, and having a more structured day has definitely improved my work ethic. I have also bought a new planner where I can keep track of followers, goals, tasks and what I’ve already accomplished in 2018. Lists make me feel less anxious and overwhelmed, so opening my diary to Fridays’ to-do list and clearly seeing that it’s time to run a broken link check, for example, helps me to feel more in control. Also, taking the time to reflect on what I’ve achieved so far and all the amazing opportunities I’ve already been offered this year helps me when I’m feeling down and/or committing the number one blogger sin: comparing myself to others in the community.

No Pressure

I have stopped putting pressure on myself to post daily. It’s just not feasible at the moment. Instead, I use any spare time to research new editing software and apps, improve the SEO of previous posts, develop my photography style, update all of my pages and refigure my categories for easier navigation. This may sound a little extreme but I genuinely find it fascinating. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no point of constantly churning out new content if I’m not promoting and utilising it effectively. I have also started offering basic advertising packages (here). This way I can invest money back into my blog to buy new props, headers or, in the future, coaching, to producing more relevant and exciting content in the future.

Do you have any long-term or short-term goals for your blog, business or even personal life? How do you stay motivated?