New at Boots | CYO Cosmetics Has Finally Landed in the UK

I stumbled across a CYO (C.Y.O?) Cosmetics display at my local Boots a few weeks ago and picked up a few products in a 3 for 2 offer. I don’t know a lot about CYO but I’m pretty sure I’d seen a few US influencers use their products over the years and I was pleasantly surprised by how affordable their products were (prices start from only £3.50). I’m so glad Boots is beginning to branch out and experiment more when it comes to the beauty brands they stock. Their range of brands was becoming rather stagnant and uninspiring compared to Superdrug, however, their recent partnership with CYO, Obsession and IT Cosmetics has definitely reignited my interest in the store.

Who are CYO & What do They Stand For?

CYO encourage their customers to express their individual style by experimenting with their products and to #MIXLAYERHACK. Basically, use their collection of multitasking products however you see fit – use their lip stains as blush, mix their illuminating cream into your favourite foundation, dust your lips with their metallic eyeshadows… the possibilities are endless. This might actually sound a bit old school at heart, but by injecting creativity, colour, editorial styling and social media into the mix, it’s a fun and unique way to promote their collection that I can definitely get on board with. I picked up three products: the Lifeproof Long Lasting Foundation (£7.50), Matte-Attack Matte & Blur Primer (£5) and The Radiant One Bronzing & Illuminating Compact (£5).

The Primer

I am really, really impressed with this primer. It’s a silicone-based primer that fills and blurs pores to create a flawless base to apply foundation on top of. It’s not too thick or heavy and after several weeks of using it, hasn’t broken my skin out once. It gives my skin that silky soft feeling and prevents shine on my forehead, nose and chin. It’s one of the best primers I’ve ever purchased from Boots and I’ve found myself reaching for it every day since purchasing it. I’ve become a bit of a primer junkie recently. I use my Bobbi Brown Face Base as a moisturiser, concentrating on my cheeks and the contours around my eyes; I use an illuminating primer on the high points of my face, and use Matte-Attack on my solely on T-Zone – isn’t having combination skin fun?

The Foundation

Lifeproof comes in a clear plastic cylinder tube with a pump. I like the simplicity of the packaging.  I can clearly see how much product I have left and the pump is efficient and mess-free. I mistakingly picked up shade 102 thinking it was the lightest and, after reading several reviews complaining about oxidising, I was sure this was going to end in disaster – thankfully I was wrong! Shade 102 is warmer than the foundation I usually wear and because of this, I often found myself staring in a magnifying mirror looking for unblended necklines. I have been reassured by the many, many people I’ve asked that it’s a good match and I actually look a lot more healthier than usual – result! This is a runny, light-medium coverage foundation and the drawback is that I find myself using at least three pumps with a dampened beauty sponge to achieve my perfect coverage. At £7.50, I’m not mad at going through this foundation a lot quicker than others in my collection that are three times the price but it’s something to consider.  It feels very light and although it is long lasting, combining it with Matte-Attack is really where the magic happens.

The Glow

Whenever I come across a new brand, the first product I find myself reaching for is their highlighters. I’m like a magpie and need all the sparkle. I was a little disappointed to discover that CYO only had this compact containing two highlighting powders and a bronzer. I prefer matte bronzers with huge pans so I can swirl about a massive powder brush, because of this I don’t really use the middle shade, plus it swatches a little on the orangey side. You can, of course, combine all the shades together but that’s not really my thing. I actually really like both highlighters despite how annoying it is to dig them out. They are the perfect shades for pale skin. They look very pretty and aren’t glittery, powdery or chunky. I really wish CYO would sell them in individual pans. I’d buy them in a heartbeat!

I’m really excited to try more in the CYO collection. Their Illuminating Mixing Cream and Set To Last Fixing Spray are next on my shopping list so stay tuned.