Preparing for Baby | Mash ‘n’ Stash Weaning Pots from Baby Wings

As we head into week 30 of my pregnancy, preparation for baby number two is well underway. We moved house just last weekend and now have an extra bedroom and tons more space to decorate, plan and prepare for our little girl’s arrival. The baby box is full of new supplies, a new tub of Kokoso has already been purchased, our trusty Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine has come out of retirement, and the pile of tiny little pink things is growing by the day. No one can prepare you for how magical and exhausting parenthood can be. Soon we will have a cheeky 2-year-old running around getting up to all kinds of mischief AND a newborn baby. As you can probably already tell, I’m all on board for any machine/tool/gadget that will make my life a little less stressful – introducing the Mash ‘n’ Stash Weaning Pots from Baby Wings.

Preparing for Baby | Mash 'n' Stash Weaning Pots from Baby Wings

Baby Wings believe in doing all they can to simplify parenthood. How can you cherish the little moments when you’re constantly pulling your hair out searching for dummies or spending all your time in the kitchen preparing purees? Baby Wings have a funky collection of products that not only look good but are easy to use and will help save stressed-out parents precious time and energy. I was very kindly sent the Mash ‘n’ Stash Weaning Pots from Baby Wings. The design is simple but genius. It’s basically an easy-to-clean silicone freezer tray with a lid, that allows you to conveniently store delicious homemade baby food or/and breast milk that can be ready at a moments notice. If the whole concept of ‘weaning’ is completely foreign to you, don’t worry, the tray comes with recipe ideas too such as Apple & Parsnip Compote and Healthy Hawian Papaya Punch.

Preparing for Baby | Mash 'n' Stash Weaning Pots from Baby Wings

The Mash ‘n’ Stash Weaning Pots allow you to slowly introduce your baby to different flavours and textures without slaving away in the kitchen. It stores up to 10 portions so you can prepare in advance when the baby is sleeping and be organised for the week ahead. You can use it to store smoothies, soups, purees, juices – the possibilities are endless. As I said, a simple idea that can save a lot of precious time and energy.

Preparing for Baby | Mash 'n' Stash Weaning Pots from Baby WingsPreparing for Baby | Mash 'n' Stash Weaning Pots from Baby Wings

The tray is very durable, dishwasher safe and can be used at high temperatures, it can even be placed in an oven or microwave. Each container has a flexible silicone lid to help prevent spills, freezer burn and enables easy stacking in your freezer. The Mash ‘n’ Stash Weaning Pots are made from food grade silicone which is naturally free from toxins and in compliance with both FDA and LFGB standards. Baby Wings are so confident in their product that they currently offer a no-questions-asked, 100% money back guarantee and a 90-day manufacturer warranty.

The Mash ‘n’ Stash Weaning Pots from Baby Wings are available at Amazon here and retail for £9.93.