We Moved House! | Our Future Plans and Ideas*

Many of you will already know that recently I moved house. I’m currently in the prosses of decorating both Penny and the baby’s room in anticipation for her arrival. I’ve spent hours on Pinterest and browsing through Etsy and found some adorable accessories which I can’t wait to share with you. I have a whole bunny theme planned for Penny’s room and a cloud and rainbows theme for the baby’s nursery. I bought the girls beautiful art prints from Colour Rain Designs and, surprisingly, found wooden cloud hooks, rainbow cushions and glitter star garland at H&M Home. I also found patchwork bunting with their names on it and I’m in the process of building some frustratingly fiddly IKEA storage units for all their soft toys.

We Moved House! | Our Future Plans and Ideas with Lidget Compton*

Whilst I’ve been designing the girl’s room, my husband has been decking out his office (aka his man cave) and filling it with all kinds of fun gadgets, ‘lad pad’ inspired looking furniture and geeky paraphernalia. I’m waiting for the lightbox, bat signal, vinyl collection and baseball cap collection to make an appearance very soon.

We Moved House! | Our Future Plans and Ideas with Lidget Compton*

Even though we moved into a house double the size, there is STILL nowhere for me to store all my blogging equipment – what about my women cave?! One idea I had was to convert a little area in our garage. I’ve never had a garage attached to my house before and I am constantly forgetting it even exists. My idea is to utilise it into a place where I can store all my blogging junk i.e. my new lights (I recently bought the Abeststudio 135W Continuous Lighting Kit), all my photography props, books, camera accessories and backdrops. That’s the plan anyway. If you are interested in utilising your garage, improving is accessibility or perhaps even building one from scratch check out these sectional concrete garages from Lidget Compton, who also have a whole website full of helpful resources and information to help you through the construction and design process.

We Moved House! | Our Future Plans and Ideas with Lidget Compton*

We have big plans for the garden too, despite our tendency to kill any plant that enters our home. I’d love to buy, or even build a mud kitchen for Penny as she loves getting messy and exploring outside but I have no idea where to start. If you have any advice or tips please let me know in the comment section down below! I love mismatched pops of colour as shown in the photo above and once the girl’s rooms are complete, it’s my mission to create a fun and relaxing area in our garden, hopefully before the sun disappears!

Do you have any home improvement plans in the works?

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