Korean Beauty Sheet Mask Haul at TK Maxx

My last trip to TK Maxx was incredibly successful. Not only did I come away with a huge bottle of Pearlessence Rose Water Hydrating Face Mist (£6.99), a Herbivore dupe that I highly recommend you keep an eye out for, but I also managed to grab a pile of wonderfully bizarre K-Beauty sheet masks at just £1.99 each. They stocked a few well-known brands such as Tony Moly, Oh K!, Vitamasques, Masque Bar and even St. Tropez, Rodial and Christian Breton, however, I was more interested in discovering some new skincare gems…

Korean Beauty Sheet Mask Haul at TK Maxx | Skin 79

First of all, let me confess, you have probably already guessed that don’t have a lot of experience with K-Beauty. I now realise that quite a few of my ‘unique’ finds are actually very popular at online retailers in the UK such as Feel Unique, so please excuse my ignorance! Nevertheless, I had fun trying them all out. My first find was the Petitfee Gold & Ginseng Hydrogel Mask which currently retails for £5.86 at Feel Unique, but I purchased for only £1.99. This mask is divided into two sections, one for your forehead and another for your chin. It’s a slippery jelly mask (it almost feels like skin – eww) and because of this, was a little difficult to apply. Once on it feels very cooling and sinks nicely into all the contours of your face. It’s drenched in a concentrated serum that contains 24K gold, ginseng, collagen and rose water. I left it on for 20 minutes and it stayed perfectly in place, I could even type away on my laptop without it slipping off. I never expect to get ground-breaking results after using a mask only once, but I was so impressed at how soft and radiant my skin felt after applying the Petitfee Hydrogel Mask. I could even see a difference the morning after. My skin looked so fresh and bouncy. This turned out to be my favourite out of the whole bunch and one I’d definitely repurchase if I came across it again in TK Maxx, although £6 seems a little excessively priced for one mask.

Korean Beauty Sheet Mask Haul at TK Maxx

Skin 79 is a popular Korean cosmetics brand stocked at Beauty Bay, but, once again, I’d never heard of it before. I picked up their Fresh Garden Snail Mask and Clean-on 2 Step Nose Pack. I just couldn’t help myself, how adorable is the packaging? I had a bit of a twisted love for nose pore strips. I love looking at all the yuckiness they drag out of your skin. I find it oddly satisfying. Unfortunately, even though the strip dried solid, it didn’t remove much of anything. What I do love about this little pack is that it also comes with a cooling hydrogel patch with cucumber and tea tree oil to soothe your poor nose afterwards. I think this is pretty ingenious and is a soothing way to calm down any irritation or redness. The Fresh Garden Snail Mask is a bit of a mysterious one. It does come with English instructions but they simply say, “containing nutrition of Snail cares for moist and elastic skin”. Although the ingredients do also say “snail secretion filtrate”. I don’t know why but this is the only one I managed to rip. It was all tangled up in the packaging and difficult to unravel. It had a really pleasant smell, which helped me get over the initial snail-related ‘yuck factor’. This mask left my skin feeling soft and moisturised but also a combination of tacky and oily. Definitely not for me.

Korean Beauty Sheet Mask Haul at TK Maxx | Skin 79Korean Beauty Sheet Mask Haul at TK Maxx

Another brand I hadn’t heard of before was Secret Key, who created both the Honey Banana Mask Pack and Nature Recipe Aloe Mask Pack. Out of all the masks, these two seem more natural and less terrifying. The Aloe Mask was exactly what I was expecting; refreshing and soothing. It would be perfect if you’ve perhaps had a little too much sun and want to cool everything down. The Honey Banana Mask smells divine. The paper mask contains a high concentration of honey extract, propolis, banana extract and hyaluronic acid.

Korean Beauty Sheet Mask Haul at TK Maxx Korean Beauty Sheet Mask Haul at TK Maxx | Secret KeyKorean Beauty Sheet Mask Haul at TK Maxx | Elizavecca Milky Piggy

Finally, the mask I was most looking forward to trying was the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Water Lock Hydro-Gel Melting Mask. Elizavecca are probably most well known for their iconic collection of carbonated bubble masks and infamous ‘hell pore’ masks. This clear jelly-like mask is soaked in serum and sticks to your skin easily. This was the most uncomfortable mask to wear. It was almost like the eye and mouth holes weren’t large enough so whatever was on the mask was dangerously close to my eyes and covering parts of my lips which made them feel slightly itchy. I took it off after only 10 minutes due to the discomfort. Funnily enough, there was no redness or irritation. In fact, my skin felt incredible after washing the remaining serum off! My skin looked clear, smooth and glowy. Is it bizarre that I’d actually repurchase this?

Have you tried any of these brands? Are there any other K-Beauty brands you recommend I try? What’s the best purchase you’ve made from TK Maxx?

K-Beauty Sheet Mask Haul at TK Maxx