17th September 2018

Unicorn Cosmetics Pro Range Vegan Makeup Brush Set

Makeup brushes don’t come any more magical than this. Unicorn Cosmetics is an indie beauty brand who live in a world full of flowers, sprinkles and rainbows. Every product seems to be inspired by over-the-top girliness, lollypops and Trixie Mattel – and I love it! The beauty industry has a real tendency to take itself way too seriously, Unicorn Cosmetics reminds me why I began The Beautiful Bluebird in the first place – because of my love of makeup! Makeup is playful, artistic, creative and most importantly, fun. Unicorn Cosmetics is all about celebrating this in an explosion of cuteness and colour…

Unicorn Cosmetics Pro Range Vegan Makeup Brush Set

I’m a big believer that a girl can never have too many makeup brushes, especially when they are this jaw-droppingly beautiful. The Pro Range Face Set contains five high-grade, vegan-friendly makeup brushes. The set includes: the Pro 001 Buff Up Foundation Brush, Pro 059 Whisp Me Away Large Powder Brush, Pro 015 Cream Dream Angled Contour Brush, Pro 035 Chisel Cheeks Contour Powder Brush and Pro 084 Dust Off Multi-Purpose Precision Brush. Each brush can be purchased individually retailing from £9.99-£11.99 each, however, if you act fast, you can pick up this set for only £24.99. That’s a massive saving of £54. Plus, you can use my code – BEAUTIFULBLUEBIRD – to receive 15% off your first order (AF Link).

Unicorn Cosmetics Pro Range Vegan Makeup Brush Set

There’s no denying how pretty they are,  I mean, just look at their iridescent unicorn-inspired handles, but how do they perform? The pastel bristles are made from Synthetic Taklon and feel incredibly soft. I honestly can’t stop caressingly my face with them as they sit here beside my laptop. The soft shades of pink, lilac, green and blue blend together and create a dreamy effect. It actually broke my heart using this collection for the first time. I really didn’t want to risk covering them in orangy gloop, but thankfully they are surprisingly easy to wash with minimal shedding.

I undoubtedly reach for the powder (059), multi-purpose precision (084) and foundation (001) brushes the most, actually pretty much daily since the set arrived at my doorstep. They pick up product effortlessly and blend like a dream; what more could you ask for? Going back to applying my foundation with a brush has felt a little strange as I’ve been converted to using a Beauty Blender for over a year now with a few exceptions. I forgot how far you can get your foundation to go with a brush and how much a sponge tends to suck it all up. The bristles are packed pretty tightly but not so densely that it feels rough or moves your makeup around while you gently buff it into the skin. The precision brush is perfect for setting my under eyes and the fluffy powder brush applies my bronzer perfectly.

Unicorn Cosmetics Pro Range Vegan Makeup Brush Set

I’m not hugely into contouring but I have found one product that works for me: the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand. It’s really easy to use, especially if the whole concept of contouring terrifies you. Light-Medium is very light and natural looking. It’s buildable so you can really take your time and build it up without looking overly muddy or caked in product. I’ve been using the Cream Dream (015) brush to buff it out. I’ve not had much use for the 035 but if you prefer a more chiselled and defined contour ala NikkieTutorials, this could be the brush for you.

Use code – BEAUTIFULBLLUEBIRD – to receive 15% off your first order! (AF Link)

The Pro Range Face Set currently retails for £24.99 and is available at UnicornCosmetics.com.

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