Christmas Gifts for Him | The Summerton Club – A Premium Spirits Subscription

I’ve always had difficulty finding a suitable Christmas gift for ‘him’. I’m literally referring to all the men in my life including my dad, brother, husband and even grandad. I find that it’s safer to stick to the three s’s i.e. sweets, socks and smellies, but this year I’m on a mission to think outside the box and get them something thoughtful and a little unexpected. This is where the lovely people at The Summerton Club kindly step in…

The Summerton Club is a premium spirits subscription service. You can choose from a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly subscription where you will receive a beautifully-aged bottle of whisky, brandy or rum (at least 50cl) delivered directly to your doorstep. Most importantly, this isn’t a bottle you could nip down to your local supermarket to purchase, each bottle is carefully selected and that extra bit special. Some bottles aren’t even available to purchase in the UK yet and all deliveries sent out are worth more than the membership fee. The Summerton Club pride themselves in not only providing great value for money but a taste experience that any drink connoisseur will appreciate and love.

Christmas Gifts for Him | The Summerton Club - A Premium Spirits Subscription

The Louis Pearl Ocean Island Cognac XO is one of The Summerton Club’s future Bottles of the Month. You can take a look at previous Bottles of the Month here. This well-aged spirit isn’t currently available in the UK…

“On the Eastern edge of the Cognac region, an Island juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. Oléron Island has been producing wine since the third century. Now vineyards cover 5% of the island and there is evidence of their traditional craft around everywhere.

Today 49 vineyards have combined to share the labours of their love, acting together as a cooperative. Their wine is combined within their shared distillery, which creates 2,000 hectolitres of pure alcohol of Cognac every year. In the Saint-Georges d’Oléronsite, the cooperative’s freshly distilled alcohol begins its aging process in barre Island oak casks. Cognac is a living product, during this stage in oak, the Cognac is in permanent contact with air and wood. Flavour, aroma and colour matures over time with this contact, helping to create a well-rounded and delicious final product, whose characteristics are unique to this Island cooperative and 1’800 in the making.”

The Summerton Club offers a number of subscription and Christmas gifting options. You can also use code Bluebird5 to get £5 off of your subscription.