Sweet Dreams with the Silentnight Safe Nights Collection

Looking after a newborn baby is both a wonderful and terrifying experience. All of a sudden you have the huge responsibility of keeping this beautiful little person alive and it’s natural to feel anxious and worried, especially if it’s your first. People will be quick to share all the conflicting things they’d read about recently in the press and in forums on Mumsnet; most of which you’ll find completely irrelevant, contradictory and will often just fuel your self-doubt. Sometimes it’s difficult to enjoy the magical little moments with your new baby because you’re constantly on edge thinking about whether or not you’ve bought the correct bottles/steriliser/cot etc. You’ll soon find that everyone has an opinion about parenting and will be eager to share it with you regardless of whether you’ve asked them to or not. Nobody knows your baby like you do; listen to your instincts, listen to your baby, get advice from your midwife and healthcare visitor and relax. You got this.

As a new parent, you’ll receive folders piled high with leaflets and booklets which can feel overwhelming. One area which is important to be clued up on is sleep safety. Sleep safety was, and still is, my number one concern since becoming a mum. Popping your baby down for a quick nap should be the highlight of your day but it made me feel helpless and anxious. I often turn to the lullabytrust.org.uk for guidance. It’s full of advice based on current research and covers everything from room temperatures, sleeping positions, swaddling, co-sleeping and suitable mattresses and bedding. Thanks to Silentnight, we can sleep soundly in the knowledge that our little one is receiving the support, care and comfort they need through the night.

We were very kindly sent a bundle of goodies from their new Safe Nights Collection including the Silentnight Safe Nights Essentials Cot Mattress, Baby Sleep Bag and Hooded Towel. Buying a new mattress for your baby’s cot probably won’t be the most exciting purchase you’ll make this year, but it’s an incredibly important one in terms of your baby’s safety and comfort. The 60x120cm mattress fits perfectly into Poppy’s cot frame and is made from breathable materials. The foam free core is safer for babies and is fully recyclable, carries no odour and promotes comfort, support and pressure relief. You can rinse the core in the shower if you’re unfortunate to encounter the dreaded overflowing nappy and it also features a standard knit cover that’s washable and hypoallergenic too. As recommended by the Lullaby Trust, the mattress is flat, firm and fits perfectly into the cot frame. The mattress is designed to support the baby’s spine perfectly, allowing for a deeper sleep. Let’s face it, a well-rested baby is a happy baby and investing in a good quality mattress that provides your baby with the right amount of support, comfort and pressure is priceless.

The Safe Nights collection also includes a range of stylish accessories which include hooded bath towels, blankets, fitted sheets and sleep bags available in pink and grey. I’m a huge fan of sleep bags as they eliminate the possibility of blankets being kicked off or covering the baby’s face throughout the night. This has always been a concern of mine so using a sleep bag gives me that extra reassurance and peace of mind. The Safe Nights Baby Sleep Bags come in two sizes (0-6 months and 6-18 months) and retail from £19.

Sleep is incredibly important to a baby’s mental and physical development, as well as their immune system. The Silentnight Safe Nights Collection is designed to give your little one everything they need for a blissful night’s sleep. The Essentials Cot Mattress retails for £79. If you’ve already done your research you’ll probably realise that’s very affordable for a mattress. I found this price point really impressive especially considering Silentnight is the UK’s most trusted sleep brand and is well-known for their innovation, quality craftsmanship and award-winning design.