18th October 2018

The Yankee Candle Holiday Sparkle Collection | Frosty Gingerbread

Every family has their traditions at Christmas time and treating my home (and myself) to a new Yankee Candle is one of my favourites. There’s nothing better than getting all cosy under a mountain of blankets with a massive mug of hot chocolate and burning a candle in the background, especially if wafts anything remotely to do with the festive season i.e. cinnamon, cloves and orange. Usually, I buy Christmas Cookie or plain old Cinnamon Sticks, but this year I was kindly sent a new candle from the Holiday Sparkle collection.

The Yankee Candle Holiday Sparkle Collection | Frosty Gingerbread

The Holiday Sparkle collection features four new fragrances available in the six Yankee Candle classic candle forms, including Large (£23 .99), Medium (£19.99) and Small Jar Candles (£8.99), Votive Candles (£1.99), and Tea Light plus Wax Melts and Scenterpiece™ Easy MeltCups. The new fragrances include: Winter Wonder – A dazzling winter fragrance mix of champagne and citrus, vanilla and silver balsam, Glittering Star – A shimmering fragrance that gives sandalwood a sparkle with sugarplum and ginger, Icy Blue Spruce – A fresh breath of winter forest – blending scents of juniper berries, blue spruce, and spearmint leaves and, finally, Frosty Gingerbread

The Yankee Candle Holiday Sparkle Collection | Frosty Gingerbread

Every Christmas I bake homemade mince pies and gingerbread men from scratch. I don’t even like mince pies but the aroma that fills my house as they rise in the over is wonderful. This year I’m hoping Penny can help me decorate them, but that will probably end in disaster. Ginger is such a warm, inviting and comforting spice, but can be overpowering. I love that Frosty Gingerbread also contains notes of vanilla which gives it that sweet cookie-like quality that balances out the spiciness perfectly.  Yankee Candles are known for their superior quality so it’s no surprise that Frosty Gingerbread will fill your home with its gorgeous festive scent within minutes of burning and last up to 110 to 150 hours.

The Holiday Sparkle Collection is now available at YankeeCandle.co.uk

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

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