The Christmas Good Toy Guide | A Free, Reliable Resource for Parents AD

I love Christmas shopping for my girls, but it can often feel a little overwhelming. We’re a family on a budget so ideally, I want to buy toys that are obviously lots of fun, age-appropriate, affordable and, as Penny has a wonderful imagination, further inspire her to create and explore whilst supporting her development along the way. The most important thing is that whatever is under that tree puts a huge beaming smile on her face when she wakes up on Christmas morning.

The Christmas Good Toy Guide | A Free, Reliable Resource for Parents

My favourite childhood toys were my Barbies. I used to spend hours dressing them up and organising their wardrobe. Remember Baywatch Barbie and Shaving Foam Ken? They were my prized possessions, along with my collection of Polly Pockets, Cabbage Patch Toys, Tamagotchis and Puppy in my Pockets. Toys aren’t just meaningless possessions to children. They help them make sense of the world, develop their social skills and improve their physical development. They also hold a special place in a child’s heart and can be cherished for years to come.

The Christmas Good Toy Guide | A Free, Reliable Resource for Parents

Obviously, no one knows your child as well as you do, so you’ll have a general idea of what direction to go in, but how can you make the most of your money this Christmas? The Christmas Good Toy Guide is a free, reliable resource created by Fundamentally Children, an expert organisation dedicated to ensuring every child has a happy, healthy and playful childhood. The Christmas Good Toy Guide is packed full of independent toy reviews by child psychology experts and, most importantly, a panel of age-appropriate children, so you know they’re reviews you can trust! There’s also practical advice and ideas to help you budget, prepare and enjoy a stress-free Christmas.

The Christmas Good Toy Guide | A Free, Reliable Resource for Parents

The toys reviewed inside The Christmas Good Toy Guide are organised by age for quick reference. Then each individual toy gets rated in three different categories: Fun, Skills Development and Ease of Use. Each snippet also gives you an indicator of their price range and a brief description of what it does. Within each age group, there are sections dedicated to different interests, types of play and stages of development, plus a ‘Lucky Dip’ section full of random toys tested by and loved by children. There are ideas for ‘Vehicle Enthusiasts’, ‘Mini Scientists’, ‘Designers & Artists’ and ‘Sensory Babies’. It also contains App recommendations if you’re splurging on a tablet this year, tips to reduce waste this Christmas and a letter to Santa template.

This wonderful resource is full of inspiration and is perfect for parents, grandparents and carers to get trusted advice on toys this year.

The Christmas Good Toy Guide is available to view and download Christmas Good Toy Guide

*This post is in collaboration with Fundamentally Children