Safety 1st | Bath Time Essentials for Your Newborn

Giving a newborn a bath can be very stressful. Poppy is 5-weeks-old and still very tiny and fragile. Bathing her is a two-man job because she hates the water so is very wriggly, incredibly slippery and always ends up scratching her wee face as soon as her mittens are removed. I also find that I have to give her more baths than I did my two-year-old, Penny, because she’s on special formula due to her milk allergy. Not only are the nappies explosive but the milk itself really stinks; imagine a cross between fish and a packet of Quavers. Thankfully Safety 1st very kindly sent over a couple of gadgets to make bath time less stressful for both baby and mummy…

Safety 1st | Bath Time Essentials for Your Newborn

The main concern my husband has about bathing both our girls is the temperature of the water. The thought of having the water too hot really sends him into a panic, so much so that he wouldn’t give Penny a bath without me by his side for months. The Frog Digital Thermometer (RRP £9.99) gives parents the peace of mind knowing that their little one is safe and having fun during tub time. Penny loves this little guy! The digital display indicates when the water temperature is below 32°C or above 43°C and the floating design makes the digital screen easy to read. This little guy is a must-have gadget for new parents. It’s both a distracting and fun bath toy to keep your baby and toddler entertained and prevents accidental burns by clearly and accurately displaying the temperature of the water.

Safety 1st | Bath Time Essentials for Your Newborn

Positioning a newborn in the bath can be tricky. Penny liked to lie down flat a giant sponge specially designed for bath time. Poppy hates this position and is calmer when sat upright. This makes it almost impossible to keep her from wriggling whilst supporting her neck and washing her. The Anatomic Baby Bath Cradle (RRP £9.99) gives Poppy the support she needs. When Poppy’s uncomfortable she either thrashes her arms and legs about or goes completely rigid – neither is ideal for getting into all her nooks and crannies. Using the Bath Cradle actually helps make bathtime a calm and enjoyable experience. It’s very stable thanks to the suction pad underneath and sturdy, anti-slip rubber feet. It’s very lightweight, portable and easy to keep clean.

Safety 1st | Bath Time Essentials for Your NewbornSafety 1st | Bath Time Essentials for Your NewbornSafety 1st | Bath Time Essentials for Your Newborn

I’m sorry I don’t have any photos of it actually in use but Poppy’s covered in an allergy rash at the moment, plus there was no safe way to do it on my own with a two-year-old running about in the background! You can see from the photo that it cradles her tiny body perfectly. Her feet gently dangle into the water and her neck is fully supported at all times.

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