Best Haircare Products of 2018 feat. Moroccanoil & Merlin Professional

My poor hair has been subjected to a lot this year. Not only have I dyed it every month and sizzled it daily with my straighteners, but pregnancy really hasn’t been kind to my thick and frizzy locks. As we approach the end of 2018, I thought I’d share with you a handful of haircare products that have really impressed me this year and that have helped to restore, nourish and protect my hair as well as keep my colour vibrant and glossy…

Best Haircare Products of 2018 feat. Moroccanoil & Merlin Professional

A few months ago I was sent a shampoo, treatment and sealer from Merlin Professional, a premium range of haircare products that are normally supplied only to hairdressers but are now available direct to the public exclusively through Fabriah. Merlin products tackle hair problems at a scientific level and then target the chemical imbalance and deliver the nutrients needed to “obtain perfect balance”.  The combination of Merlin Professional products I was sent, which include the Papaya Moisturising Daily Revival Power Sealer, Nourish Plus Stabilizing Daily Color Power Shampoo and Powder Plus Hair & Scalp Treatment Masque, has transformed my damaged post-natal tresses.

My hair is softer, more manageable and less prone to breakage. At first, I found the collection way too heavy for my hair and would often feel leftover residue when styling my hair which made it look greasy and lifeless. I’m so I glad I continued to use these products because the problem was the manner in which I was applying them. I’m used to high street haircare brands and having to lather up a bottle a week to see any improvements to my long, thick hair. Merlin Professional products may cost more than your average shampoo and conditioner, however, a little goes a long way. These products are rich, powerful and highly concentrated, I was applying way too much. Now I understand the products I am incredibly impressed with them, especially the Treatment Masque.

How you brush your hair is probably one of the most overlooked steps in your daily routine. My hair is very thick and bushy but a little on the fragile side. Previously, I put very little thought into what hairbrush I was using, I just picked up a cheap one in Primark. However, both my little girl and I love our WetBrush (£11.99). They come in a range of cute designs, they are lightweight and the flexible bristles glide through our hair effortlessly with minimal tugging and tears. Our hair is most vulnerable when wet, but bathtime is the most convenient time to de-tug my 2-year-olds hair without her wriggling away. Our WetBrush and the combination of new products (she’s been loving her Child’s Farm Rhubarb & Custard Shampoo) has helped dramatically reduce visable breakage and split ends.

Best Haircare Products of 2018 feat. Moroccanoil & Merlin Professional

Finally, a product I have fallen in love with this year has been the Moroccanoil The Original Treatment (£32.85/100ml). This fabulous leave-in treatment is surprisingly lightweight and will leave your hair feeling silky soft from the very first use. It’s a must-have product for hair that’s constantly being subjected to colourants and heat. I hate that straw-like feel my hair has after dying it and Moroccanoil instantly brings it back to life. It tames little whispy loose hairs and it leaves my hair with a lovely glossy finish that always looks healthy, never greasy.

What haircare products have you loved in 2018?