24th January 2019

Honestly Good Smoothies Delivered to Your Door

I love subscription boxes. There are so many different types on the market right now. I’ve tried a baking box, a cocktail-making box, a wax-melt box, a recipe box, a baby box, an outdoor play box and, of course; many, many beauty boxes over the years. Today, I have something completely new to share with you – a smoothie subscription service!

Honestly Good Smoothies Delivered to Your Door

As I’ve mentioned before, my two-year-old is a very fussy eater. She’d happily live off nothing but chocolate croissants and Pom-Bear Teddy Crisps if I’d let her. I’ve tried adding ‘hidden veg’ to her meals, I always make sure she takes her vitamins, drinks plenty of water and snacks on fruit whenever possible, but It’s a constant struggle. Thankfully, she loves smoothies and they are a delicious way to get something wholesome and packed with vitamins into her tummy. Plus, since having the baby, I’ve decided to make healthier choices too. One of which is to force myself to eat breakfast every morning. I’m terrible for surviving off nothing but coffee until lunchtime. These smoothie kits from The Honestly Good Smoothie Company have been a real timesaver.

Honestly Good Smoothies Delivered to Your Door

I have to admit, I normally buy prepared smoothies, even though I know that they’re not the freshest and probably contain processed sugar. I’m not the most creative in the kitchen, plus even the thought of having to wash, chop, peel and blend fruit whilst having a two-year-old and a newborn causing chaos in the background is pretty exhausting. Thankfully, The Honestly Good Smoothie Company does all the hard work. They are a small company looking to bring honesty and transparency back to the food industry. All the ingredients are prepared, packed and frozen at their family home in Bedfordshire. They aim to source as much as humanly possible from organic farmers in the UK and look to carefully selected Soil Association Certified Organic Suppliers for some of the more exotic fruit, veg and superfoods. They also re-use or recycle 100% of all packaging and donate two meals to those in need for every box they send out.

Honestly Good Smoothies Delivered to Your Door

There are currently four different boxes to chose from: a variety box, a green box, a fruit box and a veggie box. Your smoothie kits can be delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your preference and you can choose whether your box contains 5 or 10 varieties. The price obviously depends on what options you select, for example: a monthly box containing 5 kits works out at £5.50 a serving, that’s £27.50 in total.

Let’s take a look at the varieties I was sent:

The Glowing One – Organic ready to blend broccoli, strawberry, kale, cucumber, and apple with goji berries, sunflower seeds and spirulina

Cheer Me Up! – Organic apple, cucumber and pineapple smoothie with jumbo oats, hemp and pumpkin seeds, Medjool dates and acai

The Smoothie Spice – Apple, carrot, beetroot with brazil nuts, ginger, goji berries, mint and turmeric

The Almond Tart One – pear, butternut squash, apple and avocado with prunes, almonds and ground cinnamon,

The Vitamin Sea One – Pineapple, mango, cucumber, banana with cashews, mint, baobab and lucuma

I have to admit, I’d probably not chose any of their unique flavour combinations if I saw them lined up in a supermarket. I’m a boring banana and strawberry kind of girl. There’s something about green drinks which makes me wary, however, the very opposite can be said of my two-year-old; green drinks are apparently hilarious if you’re a toddler. She’s a funny little thing. That’s the thing about subscriptions services like this, they challenge you to try new ingredients and be a little more adventurous.

Honestly Good Smoothies Delivered to Your Door

The directions tell you to simply empty the contents of your pouch into a blender, add the superfood sachet, add 300ml of liquid and blend for 30 seconds. I find that I had to blend it for slightly longer (my blender is pants) and I added more liquid, but this really depends on how thick you like your smoothies, plus I used sweeter liquids like apple and orange juice mostly. My favourite was definitely the ‘The Almond Tart One’, it was the sweetest and smelled absolutely delicious. I was definitely not a fan of ‘The Smoothie Spice’ but my husband downed it within seconds. If you’re on a new year health kick, lack creativity and time in the kitchen or want to put something wholesome in your families bellies, The Honestly Good Smoothie Company might be just what you’re looking for.

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