A Mrs Hinch Cleaning Haul Update

The hype around Mrs Hinch appears to be slowing down on my Twitter feed. It’s all Marie Kondo this and ‘spark of joy’ that. With the upcoming launch of her first-ever book; Hinch Yourself Happy: All The Best Cleaning Tips To Shine Your Sink And Soothe Your Soul, due to be released April 4th, it’s just a matter of time before everyone jumps back on the hinching bandwagon and raids the shelves of their local B&M. 

A Mrs Hinch Cleaning Haul Update

Who is Mrs Hinch?

Sophie Hinchliffe AKA ‘Mrs Hinch’ is an Instagram sensation. She currently has over 1.7 million followers who she shares her cleaning and organisational tips with. On her stories, she recommends the best products and shares her now legendary hacks to make time-consuming chores a doddle. I admire how she’s built such a close-knit community in such a small amount of time through genuine engagement and no shady tactics, however, I do wish she would declare her ads more clearly, but that’s a topic for a whole other time.

What made her an Instagram sensation?

I think what appeals about Mrs Hinch the most is her bubbly personality. She gives her products fun nicknames, invites you into her home and always keeps things light and fun. She’s 28, currently expecting her first baby, absolutely drop-dead gorgeous and is quite clearly the definition of a domestic goddess. Let’s be real, we all want to be Mrs Hinch.

When I was pregnant all I would do was clean, you can read all about my first Mrs Hinch haul here. I was 13 days over my due date with Poppy and I used this time to scrub every inch of my house and drench it in all kinds of chemicals. I think it was my way of staying in control. My waters actually broke when I was using my trusty Cif products, recommended by Mrs Hinch of course, to clean my sink. I admit, in the early days of ‘hinching’, the number of cleaning products I bought was pretty excessive. My cleaning supplies cupboard was overflowing with five different scents of Zoflora, packs of cleaning cloths, multiple toilet cleaners, descalers and polishes. I decided to get my Marie Kondo on and declutter the other day and said goodbye to most of my previous cleaning haul, however, here are a few products that made the cut…

A Mrs Hinch Cleaning Haul Update

My Favourite Mrs Hinch Cleaning Products

The Sink Cleaners: My Cif Cream with Micro-Crystals and Cif Ultra Power Stainless Spray Spray are two products I always repurchase. I pop a light layer of the Cif cream on, rinse it off and then use my spray and buff it in with a dry microfibre cloth. A simple, two-minute way to leave my sink, taps and washboard absolutely gleaming. I also use the cream on my bathtub too.

The Fabric Cleaners: The Dr Beckham Carper Cleaner is always on hand to lift up as many stains as possible from my couch. I’m currently in the process of potty-training a two-year-old, and this along with my trusty can of Febreze is a must have unless I want a sofa that smells of pee. Lovely.

The Floor Cleaners: The love of my life and favourite Mrs Hinch discovery is my Zoflora Disinfectant in Linen Fresh. I used to wash my floors with it daily but now I’m down to once a week, plus I use it down my toilets too. It’s a great little multitasker. I also use my 1001 Carpet Freshener Mouse, pretty much every time I hoover to help lift any lingering race of wet dog.

I also use my Pledge Fluffy Duster a couple of times a week, but that’s about it. I’ve scaled way down and I refuse to pay anything above retail price for her beloved Minky sponge. I still use a few of her hacks too. There’s always a toothbrush in my cleaning caddy for hard to reach areas, I still melt a dishwasher tablet down my plug holes with boiling hot water from the kettle from time-to-time and I also pop a little Zoflora in my toilet brush holders to keep them fresh. If you’re lacking the motivation to clean or daily chores are getting on top of you, popping on Mrs Hinch’s Instagram stories is a great way to give yourself a much-needed kick up the arse. It even makes the whole process, dare I say it, enjoyable. I’ve read more than a few snide comments from people who question what kind of ‘saddos’ would find a cleaning account interesting. Yes, I do question her rather excessive use of chemicals and I don’t actively support or promote this, however, running a household and doing cleaning chores is a part of daily life for people across the country. I don’t see what’s wrong with letting people form a community and help each other out?  I’m actually looking forward to picking up a copy of her book in April, who’s with me?