Best Shower Products: Time for a 5 Minute Pamper

As much as I adore a long bubble bath, finding the time to have a good soak is a rarity. My two-year-old gets excited whenever she hears the taps running and always ends up jumping in with me. A bath full of pointy plastic dinosaurs and a tiny person constantly pointing at your boobs is not my idea of relaxation. Now I try to squeeze as much pampering as possible into my morning shower…

Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub | Soap & Glory

I’ve swapped my shower gels for shower foams as they feel 10x more luxurious, plus I can usually shave my legs with them too which saves time and cuts down on the number of products I have balancing precariously on my tiny shower rack or piled into the corners. I’ve recently come to the end of my beloved Holi Moly Foaming Shower Gel from Rituals which you can read all about here. As wonderful as it is, I found myself going back to my old favourite, the Bilou Shower Foam in Tasty Donut (£3.99). Words cannot do its fragrance justice. It reminds me of a Pick ‘N Mix stand. It brings back memories of foam bananas, shrimps and white chocolate jazzies. My only wish is that they’d release a body butter to slather myself in. A little goes a long way and the foam is thick and creamy, plus the formula doesn’t cause any irritation when shaving. An absolute steal for only £3.99.

Bilou Shower Foam in Tasty Donut

I am also partial to a shower before bed, particularly if it’s been a stressful day. In this case, I turn to Feather & Down. I can’t emphasise enough how much I adore this brand. I practically soak my bedsheets in their pillow spray every night. Massaging their Melting Shower Cream, which contains lavender, chamomile and essential oils, into my skin just before bed is the ultimate way to wash away all the noise of the day. If you have problems drifting off at the end of the day I highly recommend that you look into this brand.

Feather & Down

Soap & Glory really are experts when it comes to a good pamper session. They just get it. I fell in love with the brand years ago after watching a program featuring Gok Wan. He raved about a new product called ‘The Righteous Butter’. I dread to think about how many tubs I’ve been through since then. Recently, I’ve fallen back in love with another old favourite, the Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub (£8); yet another product good enough to eat – think banana pancakes dripping in maple syrup. Simply scoop generous amounts of this gloriously scented scrub into your hands and rub all over your body. It’s a miracle worker when it comes to dry elbows and knees. Definitely one of Soap & Glory’s most underrated treasures and always one I pick up when it’s part of a 3 for 2 offer…