Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath

The Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath takes dreamy packaging to another level. I wanted to have this post live by Valentine’s Day because it’s really all about that romantic aesthetic, however, the photos I previously took just weren’t doing it justice so I delayed today’s post. As much as I adore Charlotte Tilbury (they are without a doubt my favourite high-end makeup brand) I wasn’t planning on purchasing this. My lips are super sensitive and plumping products usually cause irritation, but I just couldn’t resist.

Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath

The Collagen Lip Bath in Refresh Rose is a clear lip gloss enriched with marine collagen, coconut oil, pearlescent pigments and peppermint extract. The marine collagen hydrates the lips creating a plumping effect which gives the appearance of smoothed out lines. The coconut oil softens, the peppermint extract gives a tingly fresh sensation and the pigments give lips a pretty pink sheen. It also has a lovely minty scent.

The gloss is very thick and even though the heart-shaped doe foot applicator is very sweet touch, it makes things a little awkward when it comes to application, however, with a product like this you really don’t need to be that precise. It’s not sticky or gloopy, it feels more like an oil. The Collagen Lip Bath is very nourishing and the tingling sensation is comfortable and doesn’t last very long at all so don’t let this put you off. This lip product definitely makes my lips appear fuller and the glossy shine makes them appear juicy and smoother. It doesn’t irritate my lips which is a rarity for plumping lip products and, after several weeks of use, my lips, which are usually incredibly chapped at this time of year, feel incredibly soft. My only criticism is for £25 you really don’t get a lot of product in the tube (3.55ml), however, if you’re wanting to treat yourself to a luxurious lip treatment that gives you fuller and softer lips you really can’t go wrong.

The Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath retails for £25 and is available to purchase here.