Primark PS… Glow Iridescent Priming Elixir

I went into Primark in the hope that my local branch would carry the Liquid Glitter Eyeshadows AKA the Stila Magnificent Metals dupes that I had heard Annie from Musings of A Makeup Junkie talk about a few weeks back. Unsurprisingly, they were nowhere to be found and the staff hadn’t even heard of them. I did manage to pick up a few interesting products including highlighter palettes, lip kits and the Glow Iridescent Priming Elixir.

Primark PS... Glow Iridescent Priming Elixir

I could be wrong, but the first time I saw anything like was the Unicorn Essence from Farsali. At £50 for 30ml, it was only a matter of time until highstreets brands duped this Instagram sensation. Now Barry M, Flower Beauty, Nip+Fab and now Primark all have their own versions minus the expensive skincare ingredients. I can’t find a lot of information about this ‘priming elixir’, however, it looks like Primark have just repackaged the ‘Priming Glow Essence’ that was part of the Fenty Beauty inspired ‘PS… Pure Beauty collection’ which launched last summer.

Encased in a frosted glass bottle, the primer has a beautiful iridescent sheen to it. It has a sweetie-like scent which I probably would have loved when I was younger, however, now I tend to avoid strongly-fragranced face products. As you’ve probably already noticed on Instagram tutorials, this type of priming lotion has a very runny consistency. To apply it you simply use the glass pipette to drip a little either on to your hands or directly on to your face, then gently pat the elixir into the skin. It gives a very subtle glow, that it’s overly glittery or shiny. It leaves your skin feeling slightly tacky which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I tend to think sticky primers actually hold your foundation in place longer. Although this might be a makeup myth I’ve fallen for? The finish isn’t incredibly noticeable once your foundation is applied on top but it does give the appearance of healthier glowy skin and makes flat matte foundation appear more natural looking.

Primark PS... Glow Iridescent Priming Elixir

I used to stay away from ‘glowy’ primers as I was worried they’d make skin appear shiny and oily, but I actually find they make my complexion appear fresher and younger. I do think this one is a bit gimmicky and the strong fragrance is a little off-putting. but if you want to try out this latest craze without breaking the bank I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. If you’re looking for a primer that contains light-reflecting pigments, I also recommend the Essence Fresh and Fit Awake Primer. It’s affordable, easy to apply and has a light golden sheen to it which leaves my skin looking more youthful with that ‘lit from within’ glow. It’s very similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Primer but almost 10x cheaper…