19th March 2019

ColourPop BFF Liquid Liner Review

I’m always on the lookout for a dupe for my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner which I highly doubt I’ll ever repurchase. The closest I’ve come to is the DHC Liquid Eyeliner EX. It retails for around £16 which I understand is a lot of money to fork out, especially if you’ve never heard of the brand before, however, it truly is one of the best eyeliners I’ve ever tried. As for today’s product, well, it might just be one of the first ever ColourPop products that hasn’t wowed me…

ColourPop BFF Liquid Liner Review

I was seriously impressed with ColourPop’s BFF Mascara, it gave me more volume and length than any other ‘drugstore’ mascara ever has, so I was excited to try the BBF Liquid Liner. I guess the main appeal of this collection is that the liner is available in seven vibrant colours including a canary yellow, bubblegum pink and emerald green. I can’t speak for their pigmentation as I only purchased Numero Uno (Jet Black) but they do swatch beautifully over on KathleenLights channel here. I love Kathleen but I tend to take her ColourPop reviews with a pinch of salt. I mean can you ever be truly critical of a brand that you are so closely attached too?

ColourPop BFF Liquid Liner Review

The BBF Liquid Liner retails for $8 (around £6) and is ColourPop’s first-ever precision felt tip liquid eyeliner pen. It features a very fine tip which is great for getting into the corner of your eye, creating an ultra-thin line and drawing on a precise wing. The tip is quite hard and I would have prefered if it was more flexible so I could drag it with more ease. Even with my shaky hands, I can create a crisp and clean line reasonably easily. It’s richly pigmented so I don’t need to go over my line either. I would have preferred a matte black finish as it dries down glossy, but this is just my personal preference.

The drawback to this eyeliner is that after a couple of hours, on a number of occasions, I found that areas of the liner had flaked off. There were literal gaps in my liner.  Liquid eyeliner is not a product I want to retouch throughout the day. It could go wrong so easily. Can you imagine trying to fix your liquid eyeliner after a couple of drinks on a night out? No thank you, especially with the applicator being so… stabby. It takes me so long to get the perfect wing, so the thought of it becoming patchy and flaking off during the day is very frustrating.

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