ColourPop X Zoella ‘My Day Ones’ Lip Bundle Review

When the initial news of the ColourPop X Zoella collection broke on Trendmood, I was curious but not exactly what you’d call excited about the collaboration. Even though ColourPop is well known for their collabs with influencers, this just didn’t seem like a good fit, especially when I could rattle off a long list of incredible MUAs and beauty gurus that could have created something truly unique and trendsetting. She’s always seemed like a lovely enough ‘girl’ (she’s actually only 2 years younger than me) who cashed in on that wholesome, goofy, girl-next-door vibe. I’ve never really been a fan of her content as I like my YouTubers to have a bit of an edge and Zoe always lacked a certain genuineness in my eyes. Life isn’t all puppies, overpriced Christmas calendars and decorating cupcakes. Her channel is nauseatingly twee and chipper, however, no one can dispute how incredible the empire that she has built for herself is and I think that’s definitely something to be respected an admired.

ColourPop X Zoella 'My Day Ones' Lip Bundle Review

Zoella already has her own beauty collection, although their current ‘Fruits’ collection is apparently going to be their very last. The ColourPop limited edition ‘Brunch Date’ collection consists of a 12-pan pressed powder eyeshadow palette, three matte lip bundles, two liquid eyeshadows, a pressed powder highlighter, blush and two crème gel eyeliners. There’s no denying that packaging is adorable, unfortunately, the milk carton style packaging my lip bundle was packaged in was delivered in a packet and not a cardboard box so it arrived completely squashed.

I was tempted to pick up the palette, especially as there was also a free international promo running alongside the launch, however, the whole neutral theme with a pop of cobalt blue has been overdone recently (see Charlotte Tilbury, Tarte, Kim K.W and Lottie London). You’ve got to love ColourPop’s prices as I really enjoy the formula of their pressed powder eyeshadows and for $18 (around £14) this palette is brilliant value for money. I was also tempted by their Supernova duo, although the two shades Zoe worked on (Bellini & OG) do look miraculously similar, and their blush but it was out of stock by the time I popped back on the site – it’s been since restocked.

ColourPop X Zoella 'My Day Ones' Lip Bundle Review

The ‘My Day Ones’ Lip Bundle contains a warm toned nude liquid lipstick and a matching ‘Lippie Pencil’ for $11.50 (around £8.50). I’ve had issues with the Ultra Matte formula in the past, however, my sensitive lips didn’t react at all like last time. The formula is notoriously drying and I’m still on the fence as to whether I like how it clings to the lines on my lips, however, it felt really comfortable and lightweight. It didn’t flake off or bunch up and was incredibly long-lasting. I was most impressed with the lip pencil. At first, I thought the nib was going to be hard and possibly dry, but it was surprisingly creamy and easy to use. I can actually overline my lips a little with it if I wish to make my lips appear fuller as it’s so easy to create a precise, clean line. The ‘Lippie Pencils’ are only $5 each so I’ll definitely be adding a bundle of them to my next order.

ColourPop X Zoella 'My Day Ones' Lip Bundle Review

Overall, I was impressed with this lip duo, even though shades are hardly groundbreaking. If you had the opportunity to create your dream collection with a makeup brand would you include two nudes and a standard red lipstick all in the same formula? The main appeal of this collection was definitely the cute packaging and the name Zoella. I’m a little embarrassed I got sucked in and in all honesty, I wish I had waited for the launch of their coral-inspired spring collection which includes the ‘Sweet Talk’ palette which features their brand new pressed glitter formula as well as jelly eyeshadows and blushes.