21st March 2019

Revolution Mega Bronzer 01 Cool Review

I’ve hit pan on my favourite bronzer from Charlotte Tilbury and, even though I reach for it daily, I refuse to fork out another £49 to replace it. It comes in a palette and I’m nowhere near finishing the highlight side yet. I’m praying for the day when Charlotte launches single pans of the Filmstar Bronze & Glow duo. Anyway, I was looking for a budget-friendly alternative and randomly threw the Mega Bronzer into my basket when I was looking for Revolution’s new Matte Base Collection.

Revolution Mega Bronzer 01 Cool Review

I’m really impressed with the Mega Bronzer. I love huge compacts that have plenty of space for a big fluffy brush. I don’t really contour, I concentrate a little more in the hollows of my cheeks but I typically just apply my bronzer all over to add a little warmth as my complexion is so fair. Ther Mega Bronzer contains a lot of pigment, so I find myself tapping off the excess and swiping it over my arm before applying directly to my face. That way I can build up the warmth instead of spending ages vigorously blending and disturbing my foundation underneath. It is very buildable, but I think there was definitely room for Revolution to make this shade even cooler.

Revolution Mega Bronzer 01 Cool Review

The Mega Bronzer contains a new-and-improved formula and design; it was previously known as the ‘Ultra Bronzer’. It has a completely matte, natural-looking finish that wears well throughout the day and blends evenly. It doesn’t appear overly orange or muddy on my skin and the powder itself has a silky texture to it. Yes, there is a lot of fallout, it’s not exactly a travel-friendly product and I would have preferred the shade even cooler, however, it ticks most of the boxes with regards to what I  look for in a bronzer and, let’s face it, it’s an absolute steal at only £4.

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