Revolution Pro Skin Finish Luminescence Highlighter

If I had bought the Revolution Pro Skin Finish expecting a blinding highlight, I’d have been sorely disappointed. Revolution does advertise this product as a highlighter, their website even goes as far as to claim that you can achieve a “foil-like” effect when applied with a fan brush; which to me suggests some serious colour payoff. If I hadn’t read this review from Gemma over at, I probably would have found this product a little underwhelming…

Revolution Pro Skin Finish Luminescence Highlighter

The matte black compact and doomed marbled powder bears a striking resemblance to the MAC Mineralised Skinfinish collection, unfortunately, I’ve never tried them so can’t comment on any similarities with regards to the formula. I can confirm that these are cruelty-free, unlike MAC, and retail at a fifth of the price. Skin Finish is currently available in six shades:

Golden Glare – copper shimmer with gold marbling
Luminescence – cool white shimmer with subtle lilac shift
Lustrous – rose gold shimmer with gold marbling
Opalescent – pale gold shimmer with ice white and copper marbling
Radiance – rose gold foil shimmer with soft gold marbling
Warm Glow – warm rose gold shimmer

When you swatch Luminescence a very subtle lilac shift is visible, however, this doesn’t really translate onto the skin. The powder isn’t glittery or overly shimmery, it gives a soft ‘lit-from-within’ glow to the skin. If you soak your brush in Fix+ you can achieve a very pretty icy champagne highlight that looks beautiful on pale skin, but the real magic is the all over luminous soft-focus effect that Skin Finish adds to your complexion. I don’t own another product like this. I tend to use matte foundations as I find they sit better on my combination skin but they have a tendency to look flat and mask-like. A light all-over dusting of Skin Finish adds depth and gives the illusion of a youthful glow. It’s the perfect finishing touch to your makeup routine that you never knew you needed…

The Revolution Pro Skin Finish in Luminescence is available here and retails for £5.

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