Top 5 Favourite Essence Products… So Far!

Essence is one of my favourite makeup brands on the high street, my only wish is that it was easier to find in Scotland; I’ve never come across a shop that carries it. I think Wilko in Glasgow might be my nearest location, but it’s over two hours away by car. Boots and Superdrug do seem to be expanding their collection of makeup brands so fingers crossed they pickup Essence soon. For now, I buy Essence online at I’ve never had any issues ordering from this site, however, a lot of products are only available in store which can be frustrating. This post originally began as a top 10, however, since going back online to track the products down, many of my favourites including their Fresh & Fit Primer, Rock ‘n’ Doll XXXL Crazy Volume Mascara and Prettyifying Lip Oils appear to be discontinued.

Top 5 Favourite Essence Products... So Far!

All About Matt Fixing Powder £3

For only £3, you might expect this powder to be chalky, however, it’s surprisingly silky and buttery. I have combination skin and a matte pressed powder is a handbag necessity for controlling shine on my nose and forehead throughout the day. This compact goes with me everywhere. The translucent powder doesn’t leave any visible white cast and instantly gives troublesome skin a porcelain matte finish.

Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer £3.80

This has since been repackaged but the formula remains the same. For under £3 the coverage is incredible. It covers dark circles, blemishes and, well, anything to be completely honest – even tattoos I’ve been told! It dries down quickly to give a completely matte finish and is very long lasting.

Colour Boost Vinyl Liquid Lipstick £2.80

Essence has some amazing and affordable lip products available including these Too Faced dupes. The Colour Boost Vinyl Lipsticks drench lips in bold, glossy colour that instantly makes lips look plumper and fuller. I have the shades Pink Interest and Woody Rosy. You’d expect them to be heavy and sticky, but they actually feel like a lip oil when applied. They smell of raspberry ripple ice cream and are a complete steal at only £2.80 each.

Top 5 Favourite Essence Products... So Far! Swatches

Even though it appears most of my favourite lip products are no longer available, I still wanted to include the swatches in case they have been repackaged or temporarily out of stock. First up (left to right)…

Colour Boost Vinyl Liquid Lipstick in Woody Rosy and Pink Intrest

Matte Matte Matte Lipgloss in La Vie Est Belle, Girl of Today & Beauty – Approved! 

Sheer & Shine Lipstick in Glamour Queen

Matt Touch Blush £2.50

This is another product that has had a packaging makeover and, unfortunately, has crept up in price. I have a hard neck complaining at a measly £2.80 but when I used to be able to pick up a couple of these for only £1 each, that’s quite the price increase. Essence blushers are another reason why I fell in love with the brand. They can be quite pigmented so I find you need to go in with a light touch, however, they blend amazingly. Other affordable blushers have a tendency to be patchy and difficult to blend but I’ve never had this problem with Essence.

Brighten Up! Banana Powder £3

This powder has the faintest yellow tinge to it and almost translates completely white. It’s not chalky or powdery, it’s actually very soft and lightweight and gives a matte finish to the skin but very slightly brightens it too. At first, I used this solely under my eyes to bake my concealer and freshen up my dark circles, however, soon I was applying a light layer all over my skin to correct any redness, set my eyeshadow primer and brighten up my whole complexion. Only a light dusting of the powder is needed, it’s not overly drying and doesn’t settle into creases.

You can find Essence Cosmetics at with prices starting at just £1…